woensdag 30 september 2009

Baroness - Blue Record 2xLP

Here we have it. The highly anticipated "Blue Record" by Baroness is now up for pre-order at Insound. Baroness have been evolving their sound ever since their first 2 EPs, and at first the "Red Album" didn't do it for me as it was too straight-up rock, even radio-friendly. Live the new tracks absolute shredded though, and in time "Red Album" became one of those records that I should've just gone ahead with and ordered blindly. So, that's exactly what I plan on doing with this new album.

The three new songs they put online on their Myspace don't suggest any surprises from this Savannah metal powerhouse. At the risk of sounding redundant, Baroness have always been compared to Mastodon which I honestly never totally understood except for both having astounding productions, both sounding epic and both trying to raise the bar of modern metal. I will say though that if one continues this comparison, "Blue Record" will stand nicely next to "Leviathan", as the gents incorporate more progrock in their sound. And they get away with it.

As usual Relapse are slow with their pre-orders, so just head over to Insound and reserve your deluxe 2xLP gatefold edition due October 13th.

Built To Spill - There Is No Enemy 2xLP

The new Built To Spill "There Is No Enemy" 2xLP is up for pre-order. I've been waiting a long time on this. They've been working a long time on this. Judging by the mp3 they posted, this will be one of the best releases of 2009. No explanation necessary, get it from Insound and receive a limited poster while supplies last, as well as the CD version to pop into your car stereo.

Corrupted - Nadie LP

Because some of you have been asking for some more metal, I figured I'd take a look at the Thone Records site to see if they have any news concerning the Cathedral "Endtyme" 2xLP yet. Well, turns out they don't. However, my visit wasn't for nothing, as it turns out that they still have some copies available of Corrupted's "Nadie". The first pressing was released a few years ago, no idea when this second pressing arrived, but it doesn't get more metal than Corrupted. Everybody happy again now? Jolly! Except me that is, because I don't own this record yet...and now I'll have to. It compells me.

Japan's Corrupted are/were (??) one of thé most important bands in the sludge / doom genre. If I'm not mistaken, "Nadie" was their very first full-length, released somewhere in the mid 90s. The Spanish Throne Records who are extremely good in releasing quality vinyl albums, figured that "Nadie" deserved a proper vinyl release and went for it. So, the version that's still available is the second and last pressing and is limited to 500 copies. Go for it at Throne and first take a look at the artwork for that Cathedral album. Looks killer.

As long as we're on the topic of Corrupted, that German site I was talking about earlier also still has some copies of the "Paso Inferior" LP by Corrupted. For €40, you can even order a test press of this LP, so you might as well head over to Bis Aufs Messer and get this grimm masterpiece too.

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Stay 7"

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy doesn't rest. I'm guessing like Samson the power is in his beard. On this new 7" called "Stay" Will Oldham is documenting two covers of songs by Susanna K. Wallumrød, "Stay" and "People Living". Bonnie 'Prince' Billy already contributed vocals to Susanna's sophomore album "Flower Of Evil", which strangely enough only had cover songs on it. But Oldham is covering 2 original songs by her, so this ought to be good otherwise he wouldn't bother I guess.

Pre-order the "Stay" 7" from Drag City and while you're at it, you might as well also order the new Espers LP, called "III". I'm not too fond of Espers myself, but it might save you some shipping costs, and don't forget to get Om's "God Is Good" over there if you haven't ordered yours yet. No, I don't take money from Drag City, they're just having a good year.

Haymarket Riot - Endless Bummer LP

Haymarket Riot released a new record yesterday. Out of the blue. The title of this new effort "Endless Bummer" is quite charming. The cover art makes me frown. A giant pitcher catching a wave? This is probably some deep philosophic or spiritual statement, but my tiny little brain isn't feng shui enough to get it. Luckily, there's also music on "Endless Bummer" which doesn't appoint. You see, the nice guys in Hitch turned me on to Haymarket Riot, and I'm glad they did. This Chicago outfit has been going on forever, and despite having to cover quite some distance to get there, they remain true to their DC sound. If you enjoy the likes of let's say Fugazi with a friendly nod to Big Black / Shellac, then Haymarket Riot will definitely do it for you.

Get the limited edition "Endless Bummer" LP directly from the band, and get a free poster and download code with it.

BlakRoc - s/t LP

This is disturbing, alarming, maybe even frightning... You see. I like The Black Keys. I like Dan Auberbach's solo work. I like their music. I like their lyrics. I like that they toured with The Black Angels last year. I would like to keep it thay way. But, their new band, or rather pseudonym BlakRoc will probably make this quite difficult. With BlakRoc, they intend to bridge the gap between rock and rap and are shooting for the hipperdehop charts. Luckily Dan Auberbach won't be attempting any fluent freestyle flows, but has enlisted the likes of Jim Jones , Mos Def, Q-Tip, RZA, Raekwon, Ludacris , Nikki Wray, Billy Danze and Ol' Dirty Bastard. Hmmm.

You know, every once in a while I get all crazy and listen to Everlast. When I need to pump myself up I often spin an old Beastie Boys record, but that's about as far as my love for anything reeking of rap or hiphop goes. I'd like to keep it that way. However, my girl sometimes accuses me of having an "elitist" attitude about music, so for the sake of being open-minded and appreciating The Black Keys when they're acting normal, I'm reporting about this and offering you the link for the pre-order, but please take note that in no way yours truly supports this album. In. No. Way. But, it might be good for some laughs. Or not.

Little Gold - On The Knife LP

Little Gold are gearing up to release their debut album "On The Knife" for Adagio830 Records. Never heard of Little Gold? Well, me neither, but they sparkled my attention when reading that one of the main forces behind this band is Christian DeRoeck, who some of us might know from his previous bands Meneguar and Woods.

Head over to their myspace and discover their altcountry tunes for yourself. I'm always down for some honest, mellow, heartbroken country / americana myself, so I'm heading over to Bis Aufs Messer to place my order and I suggest you do the same if you care. Don't worry if this site is in German, they're harmless.

Washed Out - Feel It All Around 7"

First up today is the pre-order for a new 7" by Washed Out. Now, with summer being gone, leaves colouring and falling and me getting sick for the first time this year, Washed Out aren't exactly any remedy for my pains with their lo-fi fuzzed out synthpop. However, if you want to live in the summer forever, get the "Feel It All Around" 7" now from Pure Groove

dinsdag 29 september 2009

Bark Haze / Our Love Will Destroy the World - Split 7"

Krayon Records have 2 amazing split 7"s available. I'm most excited about the Bark Haze / Our Love Will Destroy the World split, but also definitely worth mentioning is the Infinite Light / Vibracathedral Orchestra split - who would've thunk the Vibracethedral Orchestra were still around? Anyway, back on topic, here's a split 7" between Bark Haze and Our Love Will Destroy The World.

Bark Haze is an improv collaboration project between Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and Andrew MacGregor of Gown. Our Love Will Destroy the World is a band by another multitasker called Campbell Kneale, who most of us know from Birchville Cat Motel and Black Boned Angel! The artwork for this split 7" was made by Campbell Kneale and Kim Gordon by the way!

Not exactly specified, but both these 7"s reek of "limited", so get your order in from Krayon Recordings as soon as you can.

The Amazing - s/t LP

The Amazing are a new Swedish band who are all about folk-rock-psych-pop and "slowly pushing, bending then playing with any preconceived notions of pop". Now, this description doesn't make me wet to be honest, their bandname makes me want to hurl, BUT... There's a BUT... BUT, they have 2 members of the almighty DUNGEN in their ranks!

Aha! Worth checking out right? Well, do so by visiting Subliminal Sounds and mail them with your order details.

Neurosis Video Retrospective

Found this on Ideologic, and had so much fun watching and just listening to this previously unreleased footage from Neurosis, shot between 1994 and 2008, most of which in Hamburg, Germany that I figured this could please you too.

Check out the clips at UnartigNYC and take some time to read the piece by Kevin Egan (Beyond, 1.6 Band) while you're at it. Favourite quote: "I can’t remember how long they played. It seemed like a day or two"

Merzbow - Hiranya LP

More Merzbow? Well, why not! Up for sale from Noiseville Records is the "Hiranya" LP, a brandnew album of a distortion and noise by the Japanese master himself. Even more interesting is that this is a vinyl only release, limited to 1000 copies, and the first 300 copies come with a numbered edition art print of the album cover. Get it now from Noiseville

Der Blutharsch - Flying High! 2xLP

"Flying High!" is the newest album by Austria's okkult outfit Der Blutharsch. They've been controversial for as long as I've known them due to their flirtations with fascist and military symbolism, but to date I haven't found anything truly offensive or explicitly right-wing about them, so to me they're just a band with a good marketing gimmick. As for the music, these guys have grown much softer and rockier than in the earlier days, even cutting down on guitar riffs. "Flying High" is supposed to be a more psychedelic rock record, and I see names like Blue Cheer, Tangerine Dream and even Sunn0))) being thrown aroud, so this might yet still be a good listen. Either way, even if called psychedelic or rock, this is probably not an album you'll be giving your children for X-mas.

Order it now from Tesco and get the 2XLP which is limited to 750 copies, or if you don't care about sound quality, there's also a picdisc version available.

Final - Reading All The Right Signals Wrong LP

I have no idea when exactly this came out, but I vaguely remember glancing at the No Quarter website some time ago and didn't notice anything about this new Final record. Even if this is way old, I don't care as I don't own this LP yet. "Reading All The Right Signals Wrong" is the latest album by Final, one of the many projects lead by Justin Broadrick. If you don't know who Justin Broadrick is, you'd better stop reading this blog any further and find another way to waste your time.
This new album features 4 new tracks and is available in a one-time edition of 1,500. Order directly from No Quarter

Serge Gainsbourg - Histoire De Melody Nelson LP

Everybody should own at least one Gainsbourg record. And "Histoire De Melody Nelson" is the quintessential piece in Gainsbourg's discography, so this is as good a place as any to get started. Light In The Attic are working on a deluxe re-issue of this classic album, which was a tribute to the "Lolita" novel and more directly to his muse and partner Jane Birkin.

"Histoire De Melody Nelson" comes on 180g vinyl in a gatefold jacket, plus inserts, an interview with Gainsbourg, etc. Definitely worth the £17,79 from Norman Records

maandag 28 september 2009

The Appleseed Cast - Two Conversations LP

Up for pre-order is the "Two Conversations" LP by The Appleseed Cast. This is my favourite album of theirs, so I couldn't be more glad that is finally becoming available on vinyl. The first pressing is limited to 1000 copies and comes on transparent monster electric green/baby blue opaque/red and white splatter vinyl.The first 500 copies are hand-numbered. When pre-ordering you might win a test-pressing of this LP as well.
Pre-order now from Graveface Records

Russian Circles - Geneva update

The new Russian Circle album can be streamed in its entirety over at Revolver Mag. Suicide Squeeze are taking pre-orders...for the CD version...

vrijdag 25 september 2009

Atlas Sound - Logos LP

Atlas Sound's new album "Logos" is becoming available as pre-order from several distributors, I'm personally going for the exclusive Rough Trade version as it comes with an exclusive CD. This bonus CD contains 6 tracks of which 3 sparkling new and 3 alternate versions. Oh yeah, Atlas Sound is the solo-bedroom project of Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox, where he experiments with some friends and sounds he's encountered over the years. Compared to the debut LP, "Logos" is more lo-fi garage pop and less shoegaze and reminds of "Merriweather Post Pavillion" or "Person Pitch". It even has collaborations on it with ladies & gentlemen from Stereolab and ... Panda Bear.

Need I say more? Grab "Logos" from Rough Trade.

Part Chimp - Thriller LP

Anyone have any information about the vinyl version of this? I need this LP. Don't want. NEED.

Ancestors - Of Sound Mind LP pre-order box

The Ancestors "Of Sound Mind" LP that I previously wrote about, is now also available in a deluxe pre-order package edition, limited to 50 handnumbered copies.

This limited pre-order box set contains:
- Screen printed inside and out LP Kraft mailer
- Ancestors - "Of Sound Mind" LP on limited to 50 Cream / Pink Vinyl
- 12" x 12" Giclée print on 308gsm Hahnemühle German eching paper, featuring the album cover art signed and numbered by artist Derek Albeck. Edition of 50.
- Unique color way shirt w/ art work by Todd White (Deep Slumber Lake) printed on American Apparel.
- 1" Button w/ album cover art.
- Patch w/ art work by Todd White

Hurry up and get this pre-order box set for $59,99 from Tee Pee. The regular 2xLP edition is limited to 500 copies and comes on gray/blue vinyl.

Fuck Buttons - Tarot Sport LP & Surf Solar 7"

Fuck Buttons. Will they deliver? Will they live up to expectations? Will they fly high or get burnt trying? I'm betting that "Tarot Sport" is going to be one the most amazing albums of the year, so let's find out shall we? ATP Recordings recently released the "Surf Solar" Picture Disc 7" which is still available from the ATP store.

Up for pre-order is also their upcoming full-length "Tarot Sport", which is a limited 2xLP embossed edition of 1000 copies. I'm getting mine from Norman because the UK is only a small swim away and the british pound is still getting beaten down by the euro. All hail poor economic decisions which allow us eurotrash to benefit from low currencies and increase our volume in vinyl, gotsa love it! In the US the cheapest version is actually over at Tower but you might as well save on shipping costs and just order it for one extra $ from Insound

The Feelies - Fa Ce-La / Raised Eyebrows 7"

Insound are taking pre-orders for The Feelies debut 7" called "Fa Ce-La", originally released in 1979 and to date exactly 30 years later will be available exclusively through Insound, who comment: "This 7” first came out Rough Trade in 1979. It’s probably the two “peppiest” of the band’s songs from Crazy Rhythms. "Fa Ce-La" is the second track from the album and flies by so fast that you can’t tell if its all one chorus or all one verse. It's insanely catchy and frantic. There isn’t much else like it in new wave or indie rock.

The B side – “Raised Eyebrows” – is the real gem. It’s the second to last song from Crazy Rhythms and sounds like what I imagine it to be for a surfer catching a big wave. It’s a little like the Talking Heads' “Thank You for Sending Me an Angel.” It starts out with an extended peak and then explodes into a quick refrain and then it's gone. It’s about as much fun as you can have while sounding like a nerd. So, maybe it’s like the music equivalent of kicking ass at an academic decathlon."

No specific pressing information has been made available, but considering the considerable fan following for The Feelies, as well as being one of the most sought after early kult rock 7"s, get yours from Insound while supplies last and don't whine about it when they're gone again.

donderdag 24 september 2009

Sigur Ros - Takk 2xLP + 10"

One Little Indian are about to rerelease the amazing “Takk” by Sigur Ros, their first major-album and to date still a fantastic epic trip into their world of fairies, volcanoes, geishers, naked people running in woods and who the hell knows what they're singing about! This new deluxe edition comes as a very limited vinyl edition, featuring double 12" 200g vinyl and a etched one-sided 10" housed in a specially dye-cut insert. The 10″ vinyl contains the etching on one side, with "milano" on the reverse side. This is due to become very sought after, so true collectors take note and pre-order it now for £27,83 from One Little Indian. Gobbledigook!

White Hills - Dead 12"

Thrill Jockey are now accepting pre-orders for the White Hills release entitled "Dead", featuring 3 brandnew tracks and one remix of "Oceans Of Sound" by Antronhy Oh of Julian Cope's Black Sheep Band, only available on vinyl, limited to 1000 copies and bound to sell out FAST. You say Space, I say Rock! You say Psych, I say Edelic! You say Hawk, I say Wind!

Heads up to Ben at Thrill Jockey for informing me about this EP, who had the following to say about "Dead": "...who doesn't want to hear well-crafted psychedelic swirls of feedback, bottom heavy bass riffs and soaring guitar solos that take listeners on journeys into the farthest reaches of the mind, right?"

Right! So, don't have any doubts about this one. The Tortoise remix 12" sold out in no time, and so will White Hills, so grab your mommy's credit card and order it from Thrill Jockey Oh yeah, this 12" comes in a black LP jacket with spot UV gloss varnish and a posted-on art card.

Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea & On Avery Island LP Reissues

Neutral Milk Hotel. Heralded by many as one of thé best and most influential indierock bands of all time. It took some time for me to believe it though. At the age of 18 their "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" album didn't make sense to me. We're a decade later now, and maybe it's my shrivelling braincells, my increasing beerbelly or my weakening love for grunts and blastbeats, but now it also ranks way up there in my favourite records ever list. So, Merge Records decided to reissue their two albums and I couldn't be more happy about this. I don't know if Jeff Magnum is equally happy, but hey, it's not our fault that he's become a recluse caveman right?

So, Neutral Milk Hotel's "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" and "On Avery Island" are getting the 180g vinyl treatment, and pre-orders are now up at Merge for the November 3 release date. Included are also download codes, but if you don't have these records on your ipod yet, then don't bother now. I'll be adding these LPs to my "Alltime Classic Albums" row, and so should you.

Vic Chesnutt – Skitter on Take Off LP

Hard on the heels of "At The Cut", "Skitter On Take Off" is yet another new release by Vic Chesnutt. Vapor Records claim this is Chesnutt's most dramatic record yet, what I care about is that this this album sees Chesnutt closely collaborating with another of the great singer-songwriters: Jonathan "Roadrunner" Richmann of the late Modern Lovers.

The best pre-order deal I could find is for $16,39 over at Aural Exploits

Portraits of Past - Cypress Dust Witch 12"

Portraits of Past are back...What a blast from the past, I guess their name finally caught up with them. Portraits of Past were a legendary screamoband on the Ebullition roster, and despite only having a handful of releases under their belt and a very short lifespan, they managed to somewhat become the godfathers of the genre. After they disbanded somewhere in mid 90s, their members went all over the place, for me personally the most noteworthy band after their demise was Funeral Diner.

Honestly. I'm a bit scared about this release. I knew Portraits of Past had reunited and has been playing some shows, but to see them release an EP with 4 new songs? What, 10-15 years after their last recording? I dunno, let's find out shall we and pre-order their upcoming EP from Excursions into the Abyss. Make sure to get the swirled color edition limited to 100 copies while supplies last.

woensdag 23 september 2009

Cannabis Corpse - The Weeding EP 12"

Ok, that does it: this is officially the Richmond, VI week over here at Hex. Third and definitely weirdest upcoming vinyl album from Richmond this week is the new 12" from Cannabis Corpse called "The Weeding EP" . Now, judging by the bandname, title and press release, smoking played a big part in recording this album, but that can't spoil the fun now can it? This is some fun oldschool deathmetal featuring members of Municipal Waste, Battlemaster and Parasytic, comes with crazy artwork by Andrei Bouzikov and this first pressing which is now up for pre-order is limited to 500 and comes on hot pink vinyl. Buy it from Tankcrimes

No Age - Losing Feeling 12"

Update: Pre-orders are still up at Sub Pop for $8. Insound are offering these for $12,99 but they come with a zine of unused art and inspirations from the making of the album! Images compiled and distorted by Dean Spunt, Randy Randall and Brian Roettinger - not sure if you also get this from Sub Pop.

Also, Sub Pop have made a
stream available of "Losing Feeling". All you need to do is create an account which takes about 31 seconds and you can enjoy all 4 tracks 2 weeks before the official release. Or, check out one of the tracks called "You're A Target" right here:

NoAge by GMJOhn

So, here's a new single by No Age. I never actually get around these 12"s, but since their last album "Nouns" was so amazing, I figured this could just be worth the while.

Sub Pop comments: "Losing Feeling" is a new 4-song EP from our Southern Californian friends No Age. All four songs were written in the band’s practice space. “Genie” was even recorded there; the other three were recorded at Infrasonic Sound. All of it took place in Los Angeles. Losing Feeling will be available as a 12” vinyl EP and as magical, invisible, digital files, but not as a compact disc."

Order from Sub Pop directly for $8.

Floor - Below & Beyond 10LP Boxset

Available for pre-order NOW are the previously announced "Below & Beyond" Boxsets by the almighty Floor. This MASSIVE boxset contains 10 LPs, one 7", eight CDs, an exclusive t-shirt and a (roughly) 32-page booklet of writings, photos, lyrics, artwork (and more) are all to be housed in separate jackets contained within a custom cloth-bound box. Each record comes on a different color of vinyl to match to the corresponding artwork, and two etchings accompany recordings that didn't have appropriate flipsides. Booyaa.

Order this limited edition of 305 copies NOW from Robotic Empire. OK, it's $250, but this seems like one of the best purchases one can make this year - and those who don't will regret this for many many many years to come. Torche collectors take note: yes, you want this as well.

Here's more info from the label: It's pretty rare when a band comes along that creates something truly unique. Scarcer still are multiple standout recordings from the same group. Rarest of all is one who amasses a large body of work that varies greatly, yet consistently remains impressive.

Southern Florida's FLOOR were around for roughly 10 years and recorded well over a dozen times during their on-and-off existence. Nearly 100 tracks are the result of a decade of persistence amid overall underappreciation, and only in the wake of their demise did underground audio followers finally take note. Their huge body of work yielded only a few officially released records, and most of what the band recorded just collected dust in the vaults. Finally, everything ever laid down to tape by this truly ahead-of-their time(s) outfit has been compiled into one massive release.

From the living rooms and basements of 1992 to the studios of 2001/2002, FLOOR had an incredible evolution from the GODFLESH and early-MELVINS-inspired sludge worship, to the unrivaled sugary doom/pop amalgamation which would eventually pave the way for TORCHE, HOUSE OF LIGHTNING and others. The changes in sound from recording-to-recording means the sheer variation of style (and audio fidelity) witnessed throughout this collection is astounding, and when dating these recordings against what would eventually follow, it becomes crystal clear that FLOOR were consistently operating on that fabled "next level".

It is with great honor and elation that we are able to present the Below & Beyond Box Set to you. After many years in the making, FLOOR is finally able to conclude their existence with this extensive collection.

dinsdag 22 september 2009

Cloak/Dagger - Lost Art LP

While we're in Richmond, Virginia: Cloak/Dagger are another of those bands that have been getting quite some attention these last few years and are now getting all excited about releasing their sophomore album "Lost Art" on Jade Tree. Now, Cloak/Dagger have every reason to be excited because their debut album "We Are" was an impressive record with influences of DC-hardcore, Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes and The Bronx. Judging by the songs on their myspace, this new record sees them dropping some of their "garage" weight and going for a more straight-on melodic hardcore approach. Besides, these guys know what they're doing as the members used to be in bands such as Count Me Out, American Nightmare, Striking Distance, Trial by Fire and Renee Heartfelt. They know how to write a record, and they have enough experience to make the trip down memorylane credible, whilst still creating a catchy and modern sound at the same time.

Jade Tree are looking at a November 3 release date for "Lost Art", so head over there and pre-order your copy whenever you're ready for it.

Strike Anywhere - Iron Front LP

Richmond, Virginia's melodic hardcore outfit Strike Anywhere are back with a new album called "Iron Front". I've always had mixed feelings about Strike Anywhere. The plusses are that they're outspoken about their political views, that they have the bassist of Count Me Out in their ranks and that their songs are incredibly catchy. On the downside, they're just a bit too melodic for my taste, their vocalist hasn't washed his hair in over 10 years and when thinking of Richmond, Virginia I'm more bound to think of Avail than of Strike Anywhere, but that's beyond their powers of course.

"Iron Front" is (I think) their first for Bridge9 Records, their last album dates about 3 years back on Fat Wreck. Anyone into melodic hardcore-punk will want this, so rush over to Bridge9 and chose your favourite color: pink, green or clear vinyl.

maandag 21 september 2009

Elder - Reflect LP

Elder is a new band featuring members of some (defunct?) Philly powerhouses such as Balboa and Towers. Their new LP "Reflect" is due any day now from Forge Again Records, and anyone into epic hardcore with a touch of screamo should definitely give this a try. I'm listening to some tracks their myspace while writing this and bands like Envy and Grade come to mind, as well as the more epic passages that could have been written by their former bands as well but which remind me most of what Battlefields does, and then there's a touch let's say Majority Rule. Hey, they have Drew from Translation Loss Records on drums! How nice!

Enough with the comparisons and name dropping already. Check out Elder is you like any of the aforementioned bands and head over to Forge Again where you can chose between a wide variety of pre-order packages. The LP is limited to "300ish copies" on yellow/black-ish vinyl and comes standard with a free CD-version. Upgrades to the package include a shirt, their debut 10", etc.

Melt-Banana - Initial T. 7"

Init Records are releasing a new EP by Japan's noisemakers Melt Banana. On October 1st, this 7" will be released and will most likely soon be gone, not in the least thanks to the amazing artwork by Aaron Horkey.

This first pressing is limited to 1000 copies of which 200 on blue marble vinyl, 200 on mixed vinyl, 600 on black vinyl. All 7"s include a download card as well, so there's no stopping you in ordering this gem from Init

Frank Turner - The First Three Years 2xLP

Goddamn this is one ugly record. Seriously, it's a good idea to bundle some of Frank Turner's records, and it's definitely good to see it released on vinyl, but this artwork is so ugly, it makes it basically impossible for me to be stoked about this. Don't get me wrong, I liked Million Dead and have only recently discovered the man's solo-work which I seriously appreciate, but I can't stand ugly vinyl standing on my shelves.

If you can, good for you! Order the limited white vinyl with red/black splatters edition from Paper And Plastic

Nurse With Wound - Existence 4LP + 10" Boxset

Nurse With Wound have been going at it for 30 years by now, and to celebrate that anniversary, Vinyl On Demand Records will soo be releasing the "Flawed Existence" 4XLP + 10" Box, containing almost 5 hours of harsh noise music, from their early existence, featuring:
-2hours of their official tape-releases Scrag, Nylon Coverin and Mi Mort
- 1 hour of tape-comp-only tracks,
- 1 hour our of their first two live performances in 1984,
- a 37-minute 10" with unreleased material from 1983
To top things off, the boxset set comes with an exclusive T-shirt and an embossed poster. All this noisefun for only $99,99 from Vinyl On Demand

Magnolia Electric Co. - Rider, Shadow, Wolf b/w Josephine 7"

Just on time for their forthcoming European tour, Magnolia Electric Co. are releasing a brandnew 7" tomorrow, which sees the the band bring "a surf-rock dynamic to its signature punch. This is where the tired rider, just having battled the desert, meets the eternity of an ocean." on opener "Rider, Shadow, Wolf". On the B-sides comes "Josephine" which was also recently on their latest album, but this stripped down version was recorded during sessions for the collaborative album from Molina and Will Johnson of Centro-matic.

Get it now from Secretely Canadian

Brendan Benson - My Old, Familiar Friend LP

Brendan Benson has recently made one heck of a new album with "My Old, Familiar Friend". If his name doesn't ring a bill, how does The Raconteurs sound to you? That's right, besides his solo-work, Benson also plays in The Raconteurs, and thanks to Jack White and his other friends, Benson's solo-work will now finally get the attention and success it deserves. Forget The Raconteurs, think classic power pop in the Seventies AM-gold mode of Wings, ELO and The Cars.

The best deal I could find out there, is from Music Direct as they're selling the "My Old, Familiar Friend" 180g gatefold LP with the following extra's: CD, 7" and poster for only €19,99.

John K. Samson - City Route 85 7"

John K. Samson is about to release a bunch of 7"s through Anti. The first one comes from Germany's Grand Hotel van Cleef Records to support his upcoming German tour and is entitled "City Route 85", which is"otherwise known as Portage Avenue, one of the main streets in Winnipeg, and the songs are set in three different locations along the avenue". Remember "I hate Winnipeg"? Well, John K. Samson used to be the frontman of The Weakerthans, who I sincerely hated. His solo singer-songwriter stuff sounds pretty good, less nasal, less annoying though, so I'm definitely giving this first 7" a chance and am grabbing the pre-order from GHvC for €6,00.

The Hope Conspiracy - True Nihilist 7"

There's a special edition of the latest The Hope Conspiracy 7" called "True Nihilist" becoming available tomorrow. This edition is limited to 100 copies and comes with the 7", an exclusive t-shirt and an amazing print. This package sets you back $45 from http://www.shirtsanddestroy.com/, so remember to buy this when you wake up tomorrow.
Update: SOLD OUT.

Chuck Ragan - Gold Country LP

Chuck Ragan's newest album "Gold Country" came out a couple of weeks ago and it's been growing on me. As reported earlier, Chuck Ragan used to be the frontman of the legendary Florida emo-act Hot Water Music. "Gold Country" comes on limited gold vinyl in an edition of 500 copies, order now from Merch Lackey for only $8,00.

Zun Zun Egui - Bal La Poussiere 12"

Zun Zun Egui are about to release their debut 3 track 12" entitled "Bal La Poussière" on Blank Tapes Records. ZZE are a new Bristol, UK outfit, who I'm guessing will stun many amongst us with their freaky, experimental yet danceable mix of no fi, krautrock and funk. Comparisons? Well, following bands are mostly cited, Sun Ra, Boredoms, Fugazi, Can, Funkadelic, etc, for me personally Zun Zun Egui are more in the lines of The Mars Volta meets The Velvet Underground meets Yeasayer.

They're embarking on a tour with Fuck Buttons (expect a post about 'Tarot Sport' any day now) in the next few weeks, and Cargo are already taking pre-orders for the October 19 release date.

Boris - Japanese Heavy Rocks Vol. 1 7"

Volume 1 in the Boris "Japanese Heavy Rocks" series is now available from Southern Lord

The package containing all 7"s in this series is already sold out, so don't sit on this.

Grief No Absolution - Eurostopodus Argus/Crypsis 10" + 7"

Grief No Absolution is a solo drone project from some remote place in Australia, who recently released two bundled vinyl releases: The "Crypsis" 7" and the "Eurostopodus Argus" 10". Though the music on these 2 formats is quite different, what you can expect is bleak metal, noise and drones. This is what happens when you put Wolf Eyes in the same room as Khanate with Nadja in the background. Scary stuff, so check out the track "Bewildering Predation" and if you hear what you like, order this limited 10"+7" (500 copies) and get a free download code as well, from Flingco Sound

BewilderingPredation by GMJOhn

Monsters Of Folk - online stream

Update: stream the entire Monsters Of Folk album over at 3voor12

zaterdag 19 september 2009

Ringworm - The Promise LP

This is as classic as it gets. Ringworm's "The Promise" is thé ultimate clevo-hardcore record and to date is still one of the hardest albums in my collection. Ringworm were one of the meanest and harshest hardcore bands out there, who shared the territory and mentality the other Clevo "Holy Terror" band Integrity. I don't know if kids nowadays are still into Ringworm at all, but they should be! The folks at A389 Records definitely respect their classics and acquired the rights to re-issue "The Promise", and they went all out with it.

You can now pre-order just the LP which comes on color vinyl and is limited to 700 copies, or you can get the Deluxe Preorder packages, which comes with:
- Gold/Red split colored vinyl (limited to 300 preorders only)
- 8 page booklet insert of old flyers/photos
- Ringworm 1991 Demo 7" (limited to 300 preorders only/will not be sold separately)
- Gluttons s/t 7" (Black vinyl only available with Ringworm preorder - Human Furnace/Dora's new band. Think Ringworm/Motorhead/Discharge)

Sounds good right? Right! Pre-order now from A389

vrijdag 18 september 2009

EyeHateGod - Confederacy of Ruined Lives LP

New Orleans' EyeHateGod are seeing their last album "Confederacy of Ruined Lives" reissued on vinyl, and here's one ugly Belgian kid being siked about it! You see, EyeHateGod are one of the legendary bands in the southern doom / sludge metal NOLA scene amongst Crowbar, Soilent Green, Down and Outlaw Order - no coincidence that the 2 latter bands also feature members of EyeHateGod. Honestly, "Confederacy of Ruined Lives" isn't their best record, for that you need to get into "Dopesick", but these guys can't do much wrong in my book.

This LP re-issue is limited to 500 copies, of which 400 on black and 100 on white vinyl with tan/black splatters. All LPs are hand numbered and come encased in a deluxe triple gatefold! It's expensive, but worth it, so pre-order yours from I'm Better Than Everyone

Jay Farrar & Ben Gibbard - One Fast Move or I'm Gone; Kerouac's Big Sur LP

Ben Gibbard and Jay Farrar recorded the "One Fast Move or I’m Gone" album in only three days. That was the most boring opening line I could think of.

Now, let's make noise! Jay Farrar (Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo) and Benjamin Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service) teamed up for the soundtrack to the upcoming "One Fast Move or I'm Gone; Kerouac's Big Sur" movie/documentary. The story behind Kerouac's novel is told by John Ventimiglia (Artie Bucco!), and features a slew of musicians/artists/writers who tell how "Big Sur" inspired them. "Big Sur" is the first book I ever read by Keroauc, and to date is still my favourite, so you can imagine I'm quite excited and curious about this movie.

As for the music, besides being written by the two aformentioned guys, what is also worth mentioning is that all lyrics were taken directly from the pages of Kerouac's book, and judging by the trailer, sets the mood perfectly through a lonely, foresaken, intimate trip into the past.

The 180g vinyl album comes with the DVD in the sleeve, and is available for pre-order now from Keroauc Movie

Eternal Tapestry - The Invisible Landscape LP

"The Invisible Landscape" is the newest album by Eternal Tapestry on the Not Not Fun label. This is as fuzzed out psychedelic krautrock as it gets and boy does this Portland outfit deliver! If bands like Wooden Shjips, Hawkwind or even Jackie-O-Motherfucker do it for you, so will Eternal Tapestry.

This new album which comes on randomly colored LPs (hues range from silt grey to swamp green and beyond) in pro-printed jackets with art by the band plus a photocopied insert is limited to 500 copies and available from Norman Records or Aquarius

EternalTapestry-Cosmic Dream by GMJOhn

Comanechi - Crime of Love LP

Comanechi are hot! This UK duo is gearing up to release their "Crime Of Love" LP, the first for Merok Records after a slew of 7" releases. What's so hot about them (well, besides vocalist Akiko)? Some lady called Kim Gordon had the following to say: "Comanechi make me want to punch holes in Thurston's face until I can fuck it." Wow!

Akiko Matsuura who handles drums & vocals like she also does in The Big Pink, Sperm Javelin and PRE, but Comanechi are MUCH heavier and noisier than those. Guitarist Petrovitch plays straight-up Slayer-esque riffs at times, grunts a bit or goes for the dazed & confused feral feedbacking, which makes Comanechi a violent yet sexy menace to the senses. Comparisons range from Bikini Kill to nowadays Boris, from Spacemen 3, from Slayer to Yeah Yeah Yeahs. You be the judge of it and check out their myspace then place your pre-order before the November 30 release date at Merok