vrijdag 18 september 2009

Comanechi - Crime of Love LP

Comanechi are hot! This UK duo is gearing up to release their "Crime Of Love" LP, the first for Merok Records after a slew of 7" releases. What's so hot about them (well, besides vocalist Akiko)? Some lady called Kim Gordon had the following to say: "Comanechi make me want to punch holes in Thurston's face until I can fuck it." Wow!

Akiko Matsuura who handles drums & vocals like she also does in The Big Pink, Sperm Javelin and PRE, but Comanechi are MUCH heavier and noisier than those. Guitarist Petrovitch plays straight-up Slayer-esque riffs at times, grunts a bit or goes for the dazed & confused feral feedbacking, which makes Comanechi a violent yet sexy menace to the senses. Comparisons range from Bikini Kill to nowadays Boris, from Spacemen 3, from Slayer to Yeah Yeah Yeahs. You be the judge of it and check out their myspace then place your pre-order before the November 30 release date at Merok

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