woensdag 9 september 2009

Nadja / Armchair Migraine Journey - Transmit Acoustique Abstraction One 10"

Another Nadja output, oh yeah! I haven't been able to post much these last few days due to work and other commitments, so I figured I'd might as well piss you off even more by announcing yet another Nadja LP you want, just for the sake of wanting them all. So, this time around Aidan Baker shares the vinyl with Armchair Migraine Journey, a band of which I've never heard before. Both bands deliver one brandnew track on this 10" album, limited to 200 copies which comes in custom made sleeves with hand printed artwork, numbered and signed.

This split 10" only comes out in December, so this is an extremely early pre-order, but as it's a vinyl only release, and extremely limited, it might just be worth the $30,00 (seriously?) from Beta-Lactam Ring Records

BLR are offering 10% discounts on all pre-orders though, by simply using this code: pr10%. Thus, also valid for the previous reported Troum LP and Nadja LP.

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