woensdag 30 september 2009

Haymarket Riot - Endless Bummer LP

Haymarket Riot released a new record yesterday. Out of the blue. The title of this new effort "Endless Bummer" is quite charming. The cover art makes me frown. A giant pitcher catching a wave? This is probably some deep philosophic or spiritual statement, but my tiny little brain isn't feng shui enough to get it. Luckily, there's also music on "Endless Bummer" which doesn't appoint. You see, the nice guys in Hitch turned me on to Haymarket Riot, and I'm glad they did. This Chicago outfit has been going on forever, and despite having to cover quite some distance to get there, they remain true to their DC sound. If you enjoy the likes of let's say Fugazi with a friendly nod to Big Black / Shellac, then Haymarket Riot will definitely do it for you.

Get the limited edition "Endless Bummer" LP directly from the band, and get a free poster and download code with it.

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