woensdag 30 september 2009

Baroness - Blue Record 2xLP

Here we have it. The highly anticipated "Blue Record" by Baroness is now up for pre-order at Insound. Baroness have been evolving their sound ever since their first 2 EPs, and at first the "Red Album" didn't do it for me as it was too straight-up rock, even radio-friendly. Live the new tracks absolute shredded though, and in time "Red Album" became one of those records that I should've just gone ahead with and ordered blindly. So, that's exactly what I plan on doing with this new album.

The three new songs they put online on their Myspace don't suggest any surprises from this Savannah metal powerhouse. At the risk of sounding redundant, Baroness have always been compared to Mastodon which I honestly never totally understood except for both having astounding productions, both sounding epic and both trying to raise the bar of modern metal. I will say though that if one continues this comparison, "Blue Record" will stand nicely next to "Leviathan", as the gents incorporate more progrock in their sound. And they get away with it.

As usual Relapse are slow with their pre-orders, so just head over to Insound and reserve your deluxe 2xLP gatefold edition due October 13th.

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timziegler zei

Since nobody comments, I thought I'd say "keep it up." I love this site.

What do I press now? What the hell is a "Voorbeeld?"

GM zei

Hey Tim, thanks a lot.

I registered this blog in my native language (dutch). "Voorbeeld" would be preview.

Thanks for reading!