dinsdag 29 september 2009

Der Blutharsch - Flying High! 2xLP

"Flying High!" is the newest album by Austria's okkult outfit Der Blutharsch. They've been controversial for as long as I've known them due to their flirtations with fascist and military symbolism, but to date I haven't found anything truly offensive or explicitly right-wing about them, so to me they're just a band with a good marketing gimmick. As for the music, these guys have grown much softer and rockier than in the earlier days, even cutting down on guitar riffs. "Flying High" is supposed to be a more psychedelic rock record, and I see names like Blue Cheer, Tangerine Dream and even Sunn0))) being thrown aroud, so this might yet still be a good listen. Either way, even if called psychedelic or rock, this is probably not an album you'll be giving your children for X-mas.

Order it now from Tesco and get the 2XLP which is limited to 750 copies, or if you don't care about sound quality, there's also a picdisc version available.

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