donderdag 10 september 2009

Boris - Japanese Heavy Rock Hits 7"series update

As reported yesterday, Boris are gearing up to release a new 7", apparently not called "8", but "Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol. 1" which turns out to be only the first installment in a series of 7" releases. Here's what the Lord has to say:

"For over 15 years Boris has lead the charge as Japan’s most exciting experimental rock act. This fall marks yet another first for the band as they release Japanese Heavy Rock Hits, a series of 7″s showcasing their wide-reaching, genre-smashing sound. The band has been locked in the studio over last few months and in association with Southern Lord they are ready to bring to you their latest offerings. Over the course of the next 3 months 3 brand new exclusive vinyl 7″s will be released.

September - Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol. 1
Side A: “8″
Side B :” Hey Everyone/ねえエヴリワン”

October - Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol. 2
Side A: “H.M.A. - Heavy Metal Addict”
Side B: “Black Original/黒い点滅”

November - Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol. 3
Side A: “16:47:52… / 16時47分52..”
Side B:” ..and Hear Nothing/きこえない”

The 7″s will be available individually or you can pre-order the series as a set and receive a exclusive bonus 7″ (only available if you buy the set) and exclusive Boris t-shirt. Full details and ordering info will be up on the Southern Lord site very shortly."

2 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Another gimmick from Boris thats not worth the money. These guys are a joke anymore.

GM zei

i know exactly what you mean, and after witnessing them live a few times, I also totally understand your dissapointment. However, I keep on hoping they'll return to true form and give us something new to add to the "Feedbacker" related albums.

PS: love your blog!