woensdag 16 september 2009

Dead Friends - s/t LP

Dead Friends from Gainesville, FL are a new chaotic hardcore band, featuring members of Asshole Parade, Religious As Fuck and Chronic Youth. Most comparisons refer to Assfactor 4, I'll go with it, so if any of these bands rings a bell, you'll know what Dead Friends are all about.

Their self-titled full-length is limited to 800 copies of which 100 copies on clear vinyl. The record was recorded by Jon Nunez (Torche, Shitstorm), the front cover is a 2 color silk screen with art by ZZ Obesity (Bodyrot, Cult Ritual). Also comes with a 20 page booklet and a sticker all in a re-sealable bag. Sweet! Don't hesistate, and get it from Pure Pain Sugar

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