donderdag 10 september 2009

Ruiner - Hell Is Empty LP

Pre-orders are up for Ruiner's "Hell Is Empty" LP, and it looks like the people at Bridge 9 Records did a fine job with it. Ruiner are a Baltimore hardcore band, reminding of a slower version of Modern Life Is War with a little hint of melody and decent lyrics about broken hearts and despair in the American Nightmate Vain. "Hell Is Empty" was produced by J. Robbins, who also took care of recordings for MLIW, as well as Against Me! and Jets To Brazil among many others.

"Hell Is Empty" could be one of the better hardcore albums of the year, so if that's what you're waiting for, head over to Bridge 9 and get the LP on coloured vinyl, either on clear (rarest) or on pink&blue marble.

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