zaterdag 5 september 2009

Kurt Vile - Chilidsh Prodigy LP

Kurt Vile's new album 'Childish Prodigy" is now up for pre-order from Matador Records, due October 6. Kurt Vile is a recent discovery for me, because I aslo only recently discovered his band The War On Drugs. His solo-work as displayed on "Constant Hitmaker" released last year and re-released on thé lo-fi label Woodsist, sees him having as much in common with labelmates Ganglians, Wavves or Woods as with the great american songwriters like Neil Young or Bob Dylan. Recently signed to Matador, home to a diverse mix of bands where Vile will fit in perfectly, the "Chilish Prodigy" album is bound to become a landmark in his career.

So, up for pre-order now from Matador is the "Chilish Prodigy"LP which comes with a free 7" for a total of $18,00. I'm guessing this 7" will be the upcoming "He's Alright" 7", also availabe as seperate pre-order.

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