maandag 21 september 2009

Grief No Absolution - Eurostopodus Argus/Crypsis 10" + 7"

Grief No Absolution is a solo drone project from some remote place in Australia, who recently released two bundled vinyl releases: The "Crypsis" 7" and the "Eurostopodus Argus" 10". Though the music on these 2 formats is quite different, what you can expect is bleak metal, noise and drones. This is what happens when you put Wolf Eyes in the same room as Khanate with Nadja in the background. Scary stuff, so check out the track "Bewildering Predation" and if you hear what you like, order this limited 10"+7" (500 copies) and get a free download code as well, from Flingco Sound

BewilderingPredation by GMJOhn

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