dinsdag 22 september 2009

Cloak/Dagger - Lost Art LP

While we're in Richmond, Virginia: Cloak/Dagger are another of those bands that have been getting quite some attention these last few years and are now getting all excited about releasing their sophomore album "Lost Art" on Jade Tree. Now, Cloak/Dagger have every reason to be excited because their debut album "We Are" was an impressive record with influences of DC-hardcore, Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes and The Bronx. Judging by the songs on their myspace, this new record sees them dropping some of their "garage" weight and going for a more straight-on melodic hardcore approach. Besides, these guys know what they're doing as the members used to be in bands such as Count Me Out, American Nightmare, Striking Distance, Trial by Fire and Renee Heartfelt. They know how to write a record, and they have enough experience to make the trip down memorylane credible, whilst still creating a catchy and modern sound at the same time.

Jade Tree are looking at a November 3 release date for "Lost Art", so head over there and pre-order your copy whenever you're ready for it.

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