woensdag 9 september 2009

Boris - 8 7"

I heard some rumours about a new upcoming 7" by Boris on Southern Lord, but no official information has been released yet, let alone a preview of the artwork. However, Norman Records have the details, and already have the "8" 7" up for pre-order. Here's the info:

"For over 15 years Boris has lead the charge as Japan's most exciting experimental rock act. Considering their peers and countrymen this is no easy feat. Even stacked up against a lot of their Southern Lord brethren (a roster including some of the hardest-working, forward-thinking artists in music) Boris always stands out as some of the biggest risk-takers, with a voluminous catalogue to back up that reputation.

This fall marks yet another first for the band as they release Japanese Heavy Rock Hits, a series of 7 inches showcasing their wide-reaching, genre-smashing sound.Volume One titled 8, features two newly recorded EXCLUSIVE tracks.

On Side A, the title track "8" continues the spacey hard-rock sound established on their classic albums Pink and Smile, building from a mono, lo-fi wall of feedback into a ripping, slab of lush vocals, crunchy guitar and thunderous drums.Things get switched up on Side B with "Hey Everyone", a chewy bit of power-pop bubblegum that sees the band mining a much lighter source for their s$most daring thing this band can do is record something so straight-forwardit could easily be misconstrued as "alt-pop".

This all-new 7 inch, along with the rest of the Japanese Heavy Rock Hits series are gonna be must-have's for all fans of Boris, Southern Lord and all things heavy."

Pre-order it from Norman Records

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