donderdag 17 september 2009

Rise And Fall - Our Circle Is Vicious LP

It's raining new releases at Deathwish. Up for pre-order is "Our Circle Is Vicious" by the Belgian hardcore beast known as Rise And Fall. These guys don't especially like me, but being from the same country and all and admittingly are one hell of a band, they deserve the attention. Unity!

Rise And Fall are still influenced by the Clevo-sound from the 90s, but on "Our Circle Is Vicious" they seem to have slowed down a bit and become less "mosh", as you can for yourself on the 2 new tracks they have up on their myspace.. Pretty cool to see a Belgian band on the infamous Deathwish label, let alone recording an album with Kurt Ballou (for the 2nd time already), there aren't many European bands who get that kind of support overseas.

If you're in need of a harsh, bleak, pummelling hardcore record to get through the fall, pre-order it now from Deathwish and get a free download code when doing so.

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