donderdag 17 september 2009

Converge - Axe To Fall LP

The longawaited Converge LP "Axe To Fall" is now up for pre-order, and if you're into Converge, you're probably way ahead of me and have ordered it by now. I would as well, but my Visa was recently fraudulently used by some unknown wanker to purchase tickets to Marocco, so now I'm royally screwed.

Converge are one of those few bands that I own everything from. I wouldn't call myself a collector, but I caught onto them early on in their "Halo In The Haystack" days and am glad I did. Ok, not everything they've done is great, especially "You Fail Me" was a dissapointment, but "Jane Doe" is obviously a Magnum Opus, and even the last record "No Heroes" has some fantastic tracks on it, especially worth mentioning is "Grim Heart/Black Rose" with Jonah Jenkins.

So, they're back with a new record. The first MP3 they made available on their myspace sounded very promising, so I'm hoping for the best So, pre-ordering has become possible as of yesterday (sorry peeps, I was sleeping, different time zones and all), both through and I was hoping for a gatefold edition, but no. Anyway, here comes the tricky part. There are three vinyl colorways of this release available through Deathwish, and if you order multiple copies they'll do their best to get you all available colorways. These puppies have no pressing information. The exclusive edition that Epitaph has is limited to 500 copies and comes on tan vinyl. (pictured above) Then again, as Deathwish is licensing this album, I'm confused as to what colours they have. Anyway, good luck!

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