zaterdag 12 september 2009

Gorath - Misotheism LP

Speaking of Enslaved, Belgian technical black metal act Gorath are finally seeing their last album "Misotheism” getting the vinyl treatment. And with me being from Belgium and all, I figured this release deserves some attention.

Gorath's third album containing 7 gnostic black metal gospels deals around a concept about "heresy throughout history, mythology, legend and lore." Yeay! As for references, Enslaved is probably your best bet, or try Satyricon for some of the riffing. Oh yeah, "Misotheism" was produced by Dan Swanö, who also worked with Opeth, Dissection and others.

Pre-order this LP+7", limited to 300 copies from Eisenwalt Tonschmiede for only €15,90, S&H included.

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