zaterdag 19 september 2009

Ringworm - The Promise LP

This is as classic as it gets. Ringworm's "The Promise" is thé ultimate clevo-hardcore record and to date is still one of the hardest albums in my collection. Ringworm were one of the meanest and harshest hardcore bands out there, who shared the territory and mentality the other Clevo "Holy Terror" band Integrity. I don't know if kids nowadays are still into Ringworm at all, but they should be! The folks at A389 Records definitely respect their classics and acquired the rights to re-issue "The Promise", and they went all out with it.

You can now pre-order just the LP which comes on color vinyl and is limited to 700 copies, or you can get the Deluxe Preorder packages, which comes with:
- Gold/Red split colored vinyl (limited to 300 preorders only)
- 8 page booklet insert of old flyers/photos
- Ringworm 1991 Demo 7" (limited to 300 preorders only/will not be sold separately)
- Gluttons s/t 7" (Black vinyl only available with Ringworm preorder - Human Furnace/Dora's new band. Think Ringworm/Motorhead/Discharge)

Sounds good right? Right! Pre-order now from A389

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