woensdag 2 september 2009

Kongh - Shadows Of The Shapeless 2xLP

Kongh's sophomore album "Shadows Of The Shapeless" has finally been released on vinyl. Kongh are definitely one of Europe's finest metalacts, gradually working towards the same status as Amenra or Switchblade. Speaking of those 2, and if you're unfamiliar with Kongh, imagine the droning, repetitive sludge riffs of Amenra with the nationality of Switchblade (yeah I know, just saying they both hail from Sweden), and add just a pinch of melodic vocals that Mastodon could come up with, and you get a pretty good idea of what "Shadows Of The Shapeless" sounds like.

This brandnew 2xLP features 5 songs, covering over an hour worth of music, so don't expect to get happy by listening to this. Music Fear Satan are responsible for this vinyl pressing, which looks really well done, I'm just hoping they used the heavy cardboard for the gatefold and not the cheap soft ones. Anyway, "Shadows Of The Shapeless" comes in a limited edition of 800 copies, of which 200 copies on bloodred vinyl. Definitely keep your eyes peeled on the MFS label by the way, as they have (split) LP's coming between acts such as Year Of No Light, Fear Falls Burning, Lesbian, Conifer, Nadja, Starkweather, Overmars, etc. Cool!

For now, get your bloodred Kongh 2xLP Here. I'm picking my copy up on their show with Switchblade in Belgium this saturday, stoked!

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