zaterdag 5 september 2009

Outbreak - Outbreak LP

Think Fast! Records have started taking pre-orders for the new self-titled album by Outbreak due November 10. I didn't know these guys were still around, I figured they disbanded and started Cruel Hand in stead, but once again I was wrong...

Outbreak's debut album on Bridge 9 was released ages ago, after that they released a split with Only Crime and somewhere along the road lost my attention. For those of you into fast paced, hard hitting hardcore punk with breakdowns, crazy riffing and the pile-on sing-alongs that we all love, you probably can't go wrong with this band. Like I said, I kind of lost track of Outbreak, but I do remember extremely enjoying their first efforts, so will definitely be giving this new record a chance.

Back to business. Pre-order this album on limited vinyl, one can choose between Picture Disc (out of 100), Red/Black vinyl (out of 300), or Green/Black vinyl (out of 700) versions. All LP's come with a free, full color, 11" x 17" and a download coupon. You can also get the full pre-order package including an exclusive t-shirt, so make up your mind over at Think Fast!

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