zaterdag 12 september 2009

Black Feelings - Black Feelings LP

Black Feelings are a new Canadian outfit, and I'm guessing their upcoming debut album is bound to make some waves. You see, they have some benefits working out just fine for them and which works perfect for every lazy reviewer out there who either waits for Pitchfork to give their albeit subjective two cents, or just quickly scans the press release / onesheet to see what to copy-paste.

Well, here you have it:
-1) Canadian. I don't know why, but it makes bands nicer.
-2) Band name with Black in it. Always works.
-3) Featuring Former Members of. A big plus sometimes, in the case of Black Feelings I must confess I've never heard of their previous band Les Angles Morts.
-4) Drop some influences, in this case This Heat, Gang of Four and the Pop Group although the tracks on the stream sound much more psychedelic than aforementioned bands.
-5) Hire a cool producer for extra references. Mark Lawson, who’s worked with Arcade Fire, Beirut, and Final Fantasy should do the trick.
-6) Remarkable artwork. I'm not the biggest fan of the cover, but hey, at least it was designed by ex-Aids Wolf guitarist Chris Taylor and it's sure to attract your attention when browsing through the new releases shelves.

I'm pretty sure once I get this album I'll be just like the next guy and will give it quite some rotation, it's just that I'm a bit suspicious of bands that seem to follow everything in the 'How To Become a Bestselling Billboard Indie Artist Whilst Having Credibility 101" handbook, probably written by one of the Pitchfork editors. Nothing wrong with that, and if Black Feelings are the real deal, we'll soon enough find out!

Get into the pre-order madness over at Alien8 Recordings and while you're there, take some time to browse through the extensive and impressive back catalog.

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