maandag 14 september 2009

Shudder to Think - Live From Home LP

Shudder to Think's "Live from Home" LP is up for pre-orders from Team Love Records. This live album is a recording of a one of the reunionshows they played in 2008. Shudder To Think were always something of an odd band. In their early days they were on the legendary DC Hardcore label Dischord, but had little common with their labelmates.

It is hard not to mention Shudder To Think when thinking of the early emo-bands such as Rites of Spring, Hoover or Husker , so that should give you an idea what to expect. Then again, they were always much more melodic, one might even say melodic punk rock, but with some Sunny Day Real Estate thrown in there, as well as Dinosaur Jr. post-rock.

Not a big fan of live-albums myself, but those of you who are, head over to Team Love and pre-order this 180g vinyl.

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