maandag 21 september 2009

Nurse With Wound - Existence 4LP + 10" Boxset

Nurse With Wound have been going at it for 30 years by now, and to celebrate that anniversary, Vinyl On Demand Records will soo be releasing the "Flawed Existence" 4XLP + 10" Box, containing almost 5 hours of harsh noise music, from their early existence, featuring:
-2hours of their official tape-releases Scrag, Nylon Coverin and Mi Mort
- 1 hour of tape-comp-only tracks,
- 1 hour our of their first two live performances in 1984,
- a 37-minute 10" with unreleased material from 1983
To top things off, the boxset set comes with an exclusive T-shirt and an embossed poster. All this noisefun for only $99,99 from Vinyl On Demand

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