woensdag 25 november 2009

Year Of No Light / Machu Picchu Mother Future - Split LP

Here's an interesting new split LP from France's Music Fear Satan: on side A we have France's pride Year Of No Light teaming up with Fear Falls Burning and Nadja on two new songs. On the B-side comes a track by Machu Picchu Mother Future, which is apparently a collaborative effort between Souvenir's Young America, Conifer and Lesbian when they all 3 happened to be in the same studios and recorded about 2 hours of music together, these sessions birthed what will be known as "Space Mountain Forever." No idea how limited this is, but it comes on red vinyl and the artwork looks killer, so head over to Music Fear Satan and get it now!

Earth / Sir Richard Bishop - Peacock Angels Lament/Narasimha 12"

Not sure if these will actually pop up in their store or not, but Southern has announced that they'll be receiving about 50 left-over copies of the Earth/Sir Richard Bishop split LP called "Peacock Angels Lament/Narasimha". This 180g 12" was only available during their 2008 European Tour and limited to 1000 copies. The first 2 pictures are of the labels, this is no picture disc. 1 song by each artist, so keep your eyes peeled on the Southern site if you want one of these.
Update: should be available by the end of the week.

The Notwist - Come In 7"

The Notwist are an indie band who rely heavily on electronics, and definitely one of the better German bands around. For their newest 7" they managed to attract none other than Grizzly Bear to do a remix of their new track "Come In". Pre-order this limited 7" from Norman.

Xiu Xiu / Parenthetical Girls - Morrissey / The Smiths 7"

I respect The Smiths for their place in history. I think Morrissey is a self-obsessed overrated wanker. But I do love Xiu Xiu. And they're sharing a split 7" with a band from Portland that I can't pronounce, and it takes no genius to figure out that the tracks on here are covers. Order this limited 7" from Upset The Rhythm out of the UK.

Steve Moore - Fever Dream | 30,000 Feet Deep 10"

Zombi's Steve Moore is turning out to be one of the most prolific artists out there. Out soon on Mexican Summer is a new 10" under his own moniker this time, featuring the tracks "Fever Dream" and "30.000 Feet Deep" which you can check out below. Expect spaceships, bongs and elephants flying by on this 10" which is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. Pre-order at Insound.

30,000 Feet Deep by stevemoore2600

Helms Alee - s/t LP

Robotic Empire managed to score some copies of the self-titled LP by Helms Alee, currently on the HydraHead roster, who feature Ben Verellen of Harkonen on bass & vocals, and whose "Night Terror" is one of my absolute favourite albums of 2008. So, what we have here is their debut LP, limited to 500 copies pressed on heavy 200g vinyl, with an etching on the B-side and silk-screened covers. These are normally only available through Helms Alee directly on tour, so head over to Robotic Empire and get this as quick as you can. Oh yeah, comes on white vinyl, limited to 300.

dinsdag 24 november 2009

Coalesce - OXEP 12"

Already mentioned a few weeks ago, but now available from the band directly as well is the vinyl edition of the OXEP album by Coalesce. And it turns out that the LP version comes on either silver or black 180g vinyl, and has an etching of the artwork. Now I can finally get that knife as well, yihaa. Order at Blue Collar Distro
100 Clear
500 180GM Black
500 White/Silver Split
500 Silver

Aldebaran / Unearthly Trance - Split 7"

Here's a cool new split 7" from Parasitic Records. Uneathly Trance are back with one new track of probably incredibly creepy metal, as well as a His Hero Is Gone cover! Aldebaran are the unknown on this split for me, and by heading over to their myspace I discovered they're a slow sludgemetal doom outfit from Portland who will manage to kick the shit of you. They won me over with the HHIG already, so this is a guaranteed winner.

This split 7" is limited to 500 copies and comes with a vinyl sticker for each band. Available now for $6,00 via Parasitic

Shrinebuilder - s/t 2xLP

Yeahyeah, again a Shrinebuilder post. Well, not only because I just now found out that the 2xLPs come on colored vinyl, and that there's even an etching on the D-side but also for those of you who are uncomfortable ordering your metal from Insound, they're also now available from 20 Buck Spin

Todd - Big Ripper LP

"It’s what Torche or The Melvins would sound like if they’d consumed a massive amount of speed, taken an andrenalin hit to their hearts and injected steroids into their cocks."

Sounds good? Fuck yeah! Finally up for pre-order is the vinyl version of Todd's newest album "Big Ripper", limited to 500 copies. Seriously one of the best albums of the year, so get your dirty little hands on it by pre-ordering now from Riot Season

Dead Weather - Test Pressing LP

Ebay madness and just wanted to share this with you all, my dearly beloved readers. Up for grabs for already $1,125 with 8 days of bidding to go, is a test pressing LP of Dead Weather. Limited to 150 copies with sleeves hand-drawn by the members and then shot them with their machinegun, leaving a bullethole in each record. These 12"s were only available at the opening of the Third Man Store. You want one don't you?

Neil Young - LP Reissue Boxset

$149.98 is what they're charging for the deluxe reissue boxset of Neil Young's first 4 albums. All records come with the original artwork, are pressed onto 180g and are numbered. The box includes the "Neil Young", "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere", "After The Gold Rush" and "Harvest" records. These LPs are actually quite easy to find, even if not in mint condition, so I'll just stick to my second hand copies that I bought for $1,99. For those of you who have the $150 to spare, get this box set which is limited to 3000 copies from Because Sound Matters

Six Organs of Admittance - Empty The Sun Book + LP

Books and music, movies and popcorn, whiskey and tits,... oh praise those perfect combinations. Up for order at Drag City is the "Empty The Sun" book, which comes with an LP of accompanying music written by Six Organs of Admittance. The novel is written by a certain Joseph Mattson and comes in a 12" by 12" vinyl format. Haven't heard the music yet, but it's supposed to sound a bit more like their early days. Haven't read the book yet, but it's supposed to good, and judging by this opening excerpt, it promises to be a good read: "Here I was, doing ninety on the Santa Monica Freeway with a quart of whiskey shoved into my crotch and my dead neighbor in the trunk. It had come time to leave Los Angeles..."

One-time pressing limited to 1000 copies, order the Book + LP for only $20 from Drag City

Baroness - Blue Record 3xLP

New triple vinyl version of the "Blue Record" is now available at Relapse.

Pressing information:
A/B Opaque Orange
C/D Clear Blue
E/F Blue/Seafoam Green Split
All on 180 gram Vinyl
Comes with an 18"x24" Poster
Third LP features live set from Roadburn Festival

Price depends on where you live and if you'd like a shirt, so head over to Relapse

maandag 23 november 2009

Final & Fear Falls Burning - s/t LP

My boss is killing me, no time to post, but I owe you something, so hot off the press at Conspiracy:

Dirk Serries (Fear Falls Burning) and Justin Broadrick (Final) are both musicians with an impressive discography that spans over 2 decades. They both emerged from the same underground scene in the early eighties, releasing small print tape releases, often on the same labels. When they finally met for the first time in 2007 on a Jesu / Fear Falls Burning European tour they hit it on straight away. Their common love and interest in the avant-garde drone, experimental music scene resulted in Final's stunning contribution to the epic 'Once We All Walk Through Solid Objects' 5lp set by Fear Falls Burning. A full-length collaborative album was only a matter of time. About a year in the making this collaborative album showcases Final and Fear Falls Burning's ability to expand the drone genre with allowing power chords, figurative plucking and electronic-esque soundscapes to lead the 4 songs on this album. The collaboration is much more than just a sum of both their projects together but it realizes an entity on its own. In your face, metal-esque and avant-garde at the same time, Final and Fear Falls Burning took the leap forward in creating a intriguing variation on drone music.

This lp is limited to 500 copies (75 on clear, 125 on silver and 300 on black). Order now at Conspiracy

vrijdag 20 november 2009

If These Trees Could Talk - Above The Earth, Below The Sky LP

If These Trees Could Talk are a post-rock outfit from Ohio who reader and dulli-lover Justin was so kind to point out to me. They're about to release their sophomore album on Mylene Sheath, and as usual it looks like the people over there did a wonderful job in giving it the vinyl treatment. The music you say? Well, they're an instrumental post-rock band and about now every small town in the Northern Hemisphere has one of those, so check out their myspace if you will. To me, it's clear that these guys are no Mogwai or Explosions In The Sky yet, but anyone familiar with the genre will still be quite entertained by this album. In stead of trying to copy the aformentioned others, ITTCT try to incorporate some other influences, such as the obvious Tool reference into their sound, and they're quite good at it. If you like your post-rock to slowly sweep you off your feet, you've come to the right place.

Anyway, the "Above The Earth, Below The Sky" LP comes in a thick jacket with matte lamination and spot gloss and printed inner sleeves and is limited to 400 copies in total, of which 100 on transpartent blue and 300 on green vinyl. Get yours from Mylene Sheath

MK Ultra - Discography 2xLP

So what if this was already released in August and they're onto their 2nd pressing already, I unfortunately don't own this album yet, and I'm sure some of you don't either. In the spotlight today is the discography 2xLP by MK Ultra on Youth Attack Records. One of the harshest, most raging, most politically outspoken trash hardcore bands ever, this discography spans the entire lifetime of the band from 1993 until their demise in 2000.Included are both their "Stick Figure" and "Melt" EP's, their splits with other greats such as Los Crudos and Seein Red, the demo tape and some compilation tracks. If you like that Los Crudos namedropping, how about the fact that they even shared a member? Or that members of MK Ultra went on to play in Nachtmystium, Sick/Tired and many others.

This discography 2xLP comes in a gatefold sleeve and "a thick, high-quality 24 page booklet jam-packed with all their various artwork, flyers, lyrics, ephemera, and tons of out of control live photos". Also included is a download code for the 2xLP, plus a live performance. The copies that are still available from Youth Attack are the black vinyl ones, limited to 170 copies. The 2nd pressing is limited to 500 copies in total, the other 330 are on white vinyl and all gone.

donderdag 19 november 2009

Greg Dulli - Dangerous Highway 7"

I don't care if I had no clue who Eddie Hinton was, I do care that here are 2 new 7"s from some fantastic musicians: Greg Dulli and The Drive-By Truckers. Now, apparently Eddie Hinton was "a highly respected musician and songwriter who played lead guitar for the Muscle Shoals Sound Rhythm Section in the late 60’s, and worked as a session guitarist for Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley and many more. Hinton passed away in 1995 at the age of 51." Apparently, he was also a close friend of Bob Dylan.

What we have here are tribute 7"s, the first in a series called "Dangerous Highway: A Tribute To The Songs of Eddie Hinton". The first 7" in the series features Greg Dulli (Gutter Twins, Afghan Whigs, Twilight Singers) covering “Hard Luck Guy” and “Cover Me”. The second installment sees The Drive-By Truckers covering “Where’s Eddie” and “Everybody Needs Love”. Get one or both of these 7"s which are available from Shake It.

Morne - Untold Wait LP

Morne are a metallic crust outfit out of Boston, MA who have members in their ranks of killer doom acts such as Filth Of Mankind, Grief and Disrupt. You say crust, I say Amebix? You say metallic, I say Neurosis? Exactly. Thier mix reminds of early UK crust like Amebix and Axegrinder, and the slower, heavy parts remind of Neurosis or Asunder.

Their latest album was just released by Feral Ward Records and contains the rerecorded demotracks as well as a one new track. Also, they have some guest vocalists saying hello on "Untold Wait", likeAlicia Morgan of 13 as well as Kris Force, who has also worked with Amber Asylum, Swans and Neurosis. Not much information on the vinyl, just that it's limited to 1000 copies, so head over to Feral Ward in the US, or Punk Distro in Europe to get your copy. While you're at it, there's also a new Morne 7" available there, limited to 500 copies.

dinsdag 17 november 2009

The Accüsed - The Curse of Martha Splatterhead

Here's a new release from The Lord: the LP version of The Accüsed's "The Curse of Martha Splatterhead" which was released on digital format a couple of months ago. I honestly haven't heard one minute of this album yet, but if it's anything near their "The Return..." album, we should be in for a splatter rock feast. The Accüsed have always been an oddball, too raw to be part of the Seattle scene, too metal to be part of the punk scene, but strangely enough despite their 28 (!) years experience, never quite got the mass attention that many of their peers did.

Luckily for us, there's Southern Lord. Although this album will most likely prove to be the strangest one in the label's entire discography by having nothing to do with doom or the Big Riff, strangely enough it feels like they're at home. And what better way to pay tribute to one of the scene's legends, than by giving them the same care as other Lord releases. "The Curse of Martha Splatterhead" LP comes on 180g vinyl, is housed in a full color inner sleeve and jacket, and all mailorder customers will receive the special splattered colored vinyl limited to 500 copies while supplies last, plus a poster of the over-the-top artwork to shock to your loved ones. Order now from Southern Lord.

Insound Vinyl Club Discount

The holidays are coming, and Insound are now giving serious discounts on their Top Sellers of 2009. When ordering 5 LPs you get 15% off, with 10 LPs it's the same discount but you get a free totebag, hooray. They selected 50 albums, which are definitely some of the best indie releases of the year, so if you're missing anything in your collection, head over to Insound and receive the discount automatically upon checkout.

Lotus Eaters - Mind Control For Infants 2xLP

Dammit. I really should try to update this thing more regularly, because I once again completely missed the ball on the vinyl release of one of my favorite albums ever. Now, no worries, because given the pricetag I don't expect these records to sell out soon, although the most limited version on white & silver marble vinyl limited to 100 copies is already gone. What the hell am I talking about? Well, the "Mind Control for Infants" 2xLP by Lotus Eaters, one of my favourite supergroups featuring Aaron Turner, James Plotkin and Stephen O’Malley. The "Mind Control For Infants" album is one of the most laid-back doom/drone records out there, and has served as my personal soundtrack during many nights of insomnia, so I'm thrilled that Taiga got the rights to press this onto vinyl.

This 2xLP is limited to 100 white & silver marble (gone), 300 gold and 600 black copies, is fully remastered, pressed onto 200g vinyl and comes is “An old-style Stoughton tip-on gatefold jacket wrapped in foil-stamped brown linen with an 8×8 inch offset print mounted on the front cover." My bad if any of you missed the white & silver version - including myself, so let's just get the gold version which also looks killer from Taiga

vrijdag 13 november 2009

Chuck Ragan & Anderson Family Bluegrass - The Revival Tour 9"

Chuck Ragan once again has some new vinyl to spoil all you lovers out there. First up is the split 9" with the Anderson Family Bluegrass, which will be available for sale during the Revival tour, and any remaining copies will surely surface at several distro's or on Ragan's merchpage. Here's the pressing information:
350 on half Clear Pale Green and half Silver
350 on Color in color where the main color is a super clear with an army green.
150 on Clear Pale Green and silver haze
150 on Clear Pale Green and silver, bronze, black, and tan splatter

Also, there's a newFanclub edition out entitled "Chuck Plays Frankfurt" on 2xLP which is a live recording of a 2007 show he did in Frankfurt (duh), including covers from Alkaline Trio, Rumbleseat and Naked Raygun. This 2xLP is limited to 300 handnumbered copies and comes in a silkscreen-cover, available from Per Koro, who also carry the "Live At Hafenkneipe Zürich" LP by the way.

Nasum / Napalm Death - Live in Japan Split 12"

I normally don't care about live recordings, however, this will probably be the last Nasum release ever, and it's pretty impossible to find, so I figured it'd be nice of me to spread the word. This split picture disc LP between Nasum and Napalm Death is limited to 500 copies, is ugly as hell, and is really a collectors item for the die-hard Nasum fans. Both bands are featured here with live recordings from their show at Club Quattro in Osaka, Japan, meaning that the Nasum songs on here are identical to the ones on the "Doombringer" live album that Relapse did a while back.

This "Live In Japan (Grind Kaijyu Attack!)" PDLP isn't available from Feto, and is also no longer available from Nasum directly, the last place I could find it as an unknown distro to me called Power It Up, operating out of Germany. Get it while supplies last.

Isis - Live V LP

As previously reported, here it is: the fifth installment in the Isis Live series:

°The LP contains the entire OCEANIC set (considered their best full-length)
°One time pressing of 1000 copies (that's not a lot)
°180g vinyl (that's the heavy quality stuff)
°Green vinyl limited to 100 (already sold out)
°Green/white camo vinyl limited to 200 (lets go gi.joe)

Nuff. Said. Get. It. Now. Viva Hate! Hurry Up!

Brant Bjork - Jalamanta 2xLP

Back in 1999, Brant Bjork released his first solo album "Jalamanta". To celebrate the 10th anniversay, Low Desert Punk have re-pressed the record on vinyl. For those unfamiliar with Brant Bjork, this mister used to play in Fu Manchu and Kyuss, and has been going for a more mellow, laid-back kind of stoner in the more recent years.

For the re-issue which comes on heavyweight virgin 180g vinyl, the album has been totally remastered directly from the original tapes. Housed in a deluxe packaging with embossed cover and sporting an impressive 24 page book with lyrics, the "Jalamanta" 2xLP has a limited run of 1,000 pressing, first 500 signed and numbered by Brant. Order directly from Low Desert Punk.

Pollution - Nasty DNA LP

Pollution are a raw hardcore outfit featuring members of Unearthly Trance. Their debut album entitled "Nasty.DNA" was previously only available on CDr format, but Feast Of Tentacles stepped up and released this ugly sucker on vinyl as well. Pollution are a harsh, raw, dissonant hardcore outfit with some AmRep influences who remind me of classics such as Born Against and Rorscach. If you like your hardcore clean and buff, this won't do the trick for you.

Order this in the UK for £9 postpaid, in Europe for £12 postpaid or £15 postpaid for the rest of the world by paypalling to feastoftentacles@hotmail.com. While you're at it, they're also still taking pre-orders for the upcoming Thou / Mohoram Atta 12" which you might want as well.

Loney, Dear - Citadel Band LP

Not sure if this is still a pre-order or already released, but Polyvinyl have re-released Loney, Dear's sophomore effort entitled "Citadel Band" on vinyl. Originally only available on cdr's, this album is now available on vinyl format, pressed on multiple colours and strictly limited to 1000 copies. I haven't heard this album myself, but given the timeline, I'd say this is probably still the more upbeat side of the swesdish singer-songwriter, who became darker and more melancholic with each record. Definitely worth picking up from Polyvinyl.

Kylesa / Victims - Split 7"

What we have here is a killer intercontinental split 7" between two of the heaviest outfits on the planet: Georgia's Kylesa and Sweden's Victims. Originally pressed as a European Tour 7", limited to 500 copies on orange/black marbled vinyl which Kylesa had with them on their recent tour with Clutch. As announced months ago, Punkdistro finally have a regular version available as well, limited to 300 copies on dark green marbled vinyl. Normally Deathwish will also release a US version of this 7" sometime this winter, but don't sit on it, and get your copy at Punkdistro.de before they're gone. Oh yeah, 1 Kylesa song on here, 2 Victims songs, just the way it should be. I'd buy this just for the groove etching: "Savannah Stockholm Its all The Same To Me :-)"

donderdag 12 november 2009

Oxbow - Songs For The French LP

Update: the Oxbow "Songs for the French" limited tour edition vinyl 12" is now available through Chel's list. Here's what Chel - the man behind the cow - has to say:

"The Jacket for this LP is what they call "old style" in that it's a single tip-on and non gatefold. However, this is the creme de la creme of tour edition vinyl. The mono chromatic, chic artwork/design on the jacket and insert was done by Aaron Turner. 3 different colors of vinyl were pressed. Black, Gray Marble (marbre gris), and Brown Marble (marbre brun) This album is currently only available in this vinyl format.
"One 12" will set you back $15, if you'd like all 3 colour ways, be nice to Chel and he'll hook you up for only $40. Ordering information at chelvanin.com

Original post:
Oxbow are gearing up to cross the Great Pond, and will have a limited edition tour-only 12" version with them of "Songs For the French", featuring 3 new tracks on the A side and on the B side 4 live tracks from oxbow's 2008 European tour. Get this 12" at one of the upcoming shows as listed here

A regular LP release should follow somewhere this winter on Hydrahead. I'm thinking the HH version will look something like this:

vrijdag 6 november 2009

John Duncan - The Nazca Transmissions LP

Must be the weather, because I'm seriously into drones today. This new release really caught my attention, not only because it's by experimental legend John Duncan - who's also collaborated with Aidan Baker and did one of those Melvins remixes - but just check out his inspiration for this album:

On Christmas Eve, 2004, John Duncan received a mysterious email from an archaeologist working at the site of the Nazca Lines in Peru. He claimed to have discovered, and over time recorded, a variety of sounds actually generated by the enigmatic lines themselves. Familiar with Duncan’s “Infrasound-Tidal”, composed from source recordings taken from tides, seismic activity and barometric data from the Australian coastline, he suggested to Duncan the composition of a piece with these sources. All of the sources were modified in the studio of John Duncan, some radically, to bring out an unsettling, haunting quality. In mid-June 2005, the glorious 5-track piece was finally ready. John Duncan sent several messages to the archaeologist, none of them ever answered or returned. A hard disk crash effectively destroyed all of the email correspondence between them. What remains are the notes he sent that ostensibly describe the details of sites and times for the source recordings. Those notes have been reproduced on the insert included in this edition, also presenting John Duncan liner notes.

Intriguing or what? "The Nazca Transmissions" vinyl is limited 380 copies, with embossed total-black cover, insert and full-color inner sleeve with space images of the Nazca Lines. Order it from Drone Records in Europe, or from Fusetron in the US. Expensive but worth it.

Our Love Will Destroy The World - Beautiful Monolith Two 7"

Speaking of Birchville Cat Motel, last month Campbell Kneale - also the mastermind behind that other New Zealand outfit Black Boned Angel released a new 7" under his noise-alias Our Love Will Destroy The World. Campbell Kneale unleashes 2 terrifying sick new tracks pushing the boundaries of experimental music even further, and sounding more like Merzbow or Wolf Eyes than anything he's done before.

The "Beautiful Monolith Two" 7" comes in a limited edition of 500 copies, of 150 on blue and 350 copies on black vinyl. Order it from Second Layer and don't forget about that Bark Haze / Our Love Will Destroy The World split 7" I reported about some weeks ago.

Seht - Hrry LP + 3"CD

An unknown artist from New Zealand to me personally, but apparently one that's been going strong for many years already, Seht now has a new LP out called "Hrry", it's limited, it's droney, you want it. Apparently, the mind behind the mask used to play with Birchville Cat Motel, and has now developed an ambient drone style of lucious soundscapes and mellow electronics. A bit too much use of bits and bytes for my personal taste, but definitely recommended for anyone into drone.

Order the "Hrry" LP which comes in silver & black fold-out poster sleeve and is strictly limited to 150 copies from Boomkat in the UK, from mimaroglu in the US, or all the way from New Zealand at Digitalis.

Einstellung - Wings of Desire 2xLP

The "Wings of Desire" 2xLP seems to be popping up at various distros, although already released sometime this summer if I'm not mistaken. Einstellung is a band that sounds very German, and their music is in fact inspired by Germany's Krautrock legend Einsturzenden Neubauten, but they're in fact an English outfit featuring members of defunct UK acts such Sally, Grover; Cable Regime and Godflesh. Yes, Godflesh. Despite their roots, Einstellung is not just a sum of the parts but a whole other ballgame. "Wings of Desire" takes the Neu! Krautrock foundation, but then adds layers reminding of My Bloody Valentine, Jesus & Mary Chain, Mogwai and I sometimes hear some Sonic Youth in there as well and you might even say some of the riffing is Sabbath inspired.

"Wings of Desire" comes in beautiful gatefold, is pressed on 180g vinyl and is limited to 500 copies. Definitely worth checking out from Capsule.

V/A Clone - Play Slow . Die Fast Volume II LP

The 2nd installment in the Clone Series is upon us, which is a compilation of bands playing a cover of one of their old hardcore, punk, metal or rock favorites. On this 2nd Volume, it looks something like this: *Moloch - lighnting strikes twice (Rorschach)*On Pain of Death - troops of doom (Sepultura)*Golden Gorilla - absentee debate (Unbroken)*Aguirre - like weeds (His Hero is Gone) *Loss - the fog (Goatlord)*Thou - well fed fuck (Born Against) *Shadow of the Torturer - judgement of the dead (Pagan Altar) *Hey Colossus - institutionalized (Suicidal Tendencies). Something for everyone I guess, and for only $12€ you can't really go wrong with this.

The Clone "Play Slow . Die Fast" Volume 2 LP is limited to 400 copieson 185g black vinyl and 200 copies on 190g blue vinyl. All records come in an embossed cover with stamped oval diecut, a full colored 12" sized inlay and a 12-paged 9"-sized booklet with info on every contributing band. Order this now from Blind Date Records, and if you still haven't ordered Shadow of the Torturer "March into Chaos" LP from them, I advise you to order the 2 as a package and save some cash!

Lord Vicar - Fear No Pain 2xLP

Wow. Lord Vicar is a new doom metal outfit, but somewhat different from the one started by the the kids in your neighbourhood who think that wearing a Paradise Lost shirt makes them as doom as gloom. Oh no. Lord Vicar is a new band featuring Chritus (Count Raven, Saint Vitus, Terra Firma) on vocals, Jim Hunter (Revelation, WHW) on bass, Gareth Millsted (Centurions Ghost, End of Level Boss) on drums and Peter Inverted (Reverend Bizarre, Orne) on guitars. That's right! And what else can we expect from an international line-up of doom legends than Tru Kult Doom in the line of Saint Vitus, Trouble, Sabbath and Pentagram.

Their debut full-length "Fear No Pain" was released on vinyl this August by The Church Within but only now caught my attention because they played a show in my town with The Gates Of Slumber recently. Now, the "Fear No Pain" 2xLP looks i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e as it comes on high quality vinyl, but the real eyecatcher here is the hardcover gatefold with a 24 page full-color book. I'm definitely dishing out the $30 and ordering this 2xLP from The Church Within. US readers can also order an imported version over at Parasitic Records