vrijdag 4 september 2009

Striborg - Roaming the Misanthropic Forests 3LP Box Set

Striborg a.k.a. Sin Nanna is a longrunning Tasmanian Black Metal artist, with a career spanning over a decade although at first only releasing demo's and the last 5 years or so he's been putting out full-length albums. Well, apparently these are hard to track down, but now Australia's Asgard Records has compiled some of Striborg's early works, thus demos, and pressed them onto a limited edition of 300 copies of vinyl. The 3LP Box Set contain the "Misanthropic Isolation", "In The Heart Of The Rainforest" and "Roaming The Forests" records, comes with an exclusive t-shirt and an A2 poster.

This Box comes at the whole AUD100 (about €59 or $84) + postage from Asgard

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