woensdag 2 september 2009

Nadja / Datashock - Collaboration 12"

A Nadja/Datashock collaboration 12"...déjà-vu or what? Well, apparently, some copies of this 2007 12" were accidently repressed, so now Bis Aufs Messer & Vendetta have some spare copies, with self-made covers. This album is actually a recording of a live improvisation between Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff (together called Nadja) and Datashock. Nadja doesn't need an explanation, Datashock are a German "free psych droneband".

So, up for sale now this is this one-sided 12" in the "Nadja-edition", limited to 40 copies, handnumbered. The first original pressing on Meudiamerte/Hlava only had 93 copies, so I guess an additional 40 won't hurt anyone. The picture above is of the original artwork, no idea what this new version will look like. Anyway, if you're looking to complete your Nadja collection, you can order it now from Bis Auf's Messer

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