zondag 19 december 2010

Kingdom - Hemeltraan LP & Drums Are For Parades LP pre-orders

Hypertension Records (Amenra, Red Sparowes, Starkweather, etc. ) have started taking pre-orders for:

KINGDOM -“Hemeltraan" LP
The sophomore album by Belgium’s KINGDOM, featuring members of AMENRA, BLACK HEART REBELLION and BLIND TO FAITH who welcome us into their world of darkness. This new album sees the band further exploring the outskirts of desperate metal, resulting in a slow, mature work of bleak drones, epic doom and fuzzy sludge built on sustained chords and eerie chanting, hypnotizing its prey and conveying a brooding feeling of unease. “Hemeltraan” was produced by Billy Anderson, known from his work for MELVINS, NEUROSIS, OM, SLEEP, SWANS and many others.
Limited to 300 copies on dark orange vinyl

As bold as brass it's a whirlwind of timeless and audacious sonic attacks on mediocrity and complacency. "Master" combines the urgency and creative need of your favourite punk records with the unbounded musicality of like-minded free spirits like Fantomas/Tomahawak, Mastodon or even John Zorn. We're not even going to mention the Melvins or Masters of Reality (of long-time supporter Chris Goss) but fuck it, we just did. If bands like Melvins or Torche ring a bell, if you know Howie Weinberg who previously worked with Nirvana, Kyuss, Helmet, etc... and if you like crazy artwork with vicious bunnies, don't miss out on "Master"!
Limited to 400 on white, 100 on clear vinyl

Head over to www.hypertensionrecords.com

vrijdag 22 oktober 2010

Does anyone still bother? Should I start over again? It's been a while

woensdag 20 januari 2010

Mamiffer - Hirror Enniffer LP

Alright, here we have it. Back for good. Busy buying a house. Saving my job. Trying to sign bands on the label. Keeping the girl. But especially, not getting my ass fired. Desperate times call for desperate salesmen.

And the first post of the new year, of the new era goes to... Mamiffer. With the risk of sounding redundant or maybe even an aaron turner-lover, I must confess that I somehow own a record or two with his name somewhere in the credits. But, even though he did play a role in "Hirror Enniffer", this band is much more the alter ego of the driving forces behind Everlovely Lightningheart, notably on Turner's label Hydrahead. This debut album was released somewhere in the spring of 2009 I think, but it wasn't until this winter that it started to make sense to me. Epic doomy passages with a melodic, some might call it soft twist. Yeah, there's piano in here, but let's keep in mind that not 1, not 2, but 3 members of (the unfortunately now defunct) These Arms Are Snakes contribute on this album as well, so Pitchfork's statement of dubbing this "Tori Amos went mute and post-metal" is just a bit too far-fetched for me.

Either way, "Hirror Enniffer" is an album you'll want on vinyl. And it's popping in stores all over the globe. I'm getting mine from Conspiracy, US visitors should check Chel's list or Vacation Vinyl. Oh yeah, for those who care, pressing of 300 copies, 200 on clear vinyl, 100 copies on smokey clear vinyl.

donderdag 14 januari 2010

Dear Reader

I was gone. Personal shite. I'm back. Expect new and daily updates. Starting. Today!

maandag 14 december 2009

End Of The Year

Guys, besides writing here, I also have a job. I'm a sales scumbag, so it's closing time for all my accounts. I need to make some money to pay for all these LPs as well. I'll be back Dec 23rd with more daily vinyl updates.