dinsdag 1 september 2009

vidnaObmana - 1984-1986 Testament Of Tape 3LP Box

Fear Falls Burning has been getting some well-deserved appreciation from the doom/Drone scene after all those years of hard work. Maybe lesser known is Dirk Serries other, older project, called vidnaObmana.

Vinyl On Demand Records decided to turn this around, and recently released a 3LP box set of of recordings previously only available on tape, all issued between 1984 and 1986. Apparently quite different from Fear Falls Burning, the music here alters between harsh noise, drones and industrial. The first LP of the box set apparently reminds more of early Blackhouse or even Esplendor Geometrico, while the 2 others LPs already hint at his Fear Falls Burning days.

The 3LP Box Set is limited to 477 copies, with 300 copies for VOD members only, the remaining 177 copies are for wholesale/distribution/regular folks like you and me. Get this - and while you're there, there's also a Nurse With Wound box set up for sale - for $49,99 from Vinyl On Demand

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