dinsdag 29 september 2009

Bark Haze / Our Love Will Destroy the World - Split 7"

Krayon Records have 2 amazing split 7"s available. I'm most excited about the Bark Haze / Our Love Will Destroy the World split, but also definitely worth mentioning is the Infinite Light / Vibracathedral Orchestra split - who would've thunk the Vibracethedral Orchestra were still around? Anyway, back on topic, here's a split 7" between Bark Haze and Our Love Will Destroy The World.

Bark Haze is an improv collaboration project between Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and Andrew MacGregor of Gown. Our Love Will Destroy the World is a band by another multitasker called Campbell Kneale, who most of us know from Birchville Cat Motel and Black Boned Angel! The artwork for this split 7" was made by Campbell Kneale and Kim Gordon by the way!

Not exactly specified, but both these 7"s reek of "limited", so get your order in from Krayon Recordings as soon as you can.

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