donderdag 24 september 2009

Portraits of Past - Cypress Dust Witch 12"

Portraits of Past are back...What a blast from the past, I guess their name finally caught up with them. Portraits of Past were a legendary screamoband on the Ebullition roster, and despite only having a handful of releases under their belt and a very short lifespan, they managed to somewhat become the godfathers of the genre. After they disbanded somewhere in mid 90s, their members went all over the place, for me personally the most noteworthy band after their demise was Funeral Diner.

Honestly. I'm a bit scared about this release. I knew Portraits of Past had reunited and has been playing some shows, but to see them release an EP with 4 new songs? What, 10-15 years after their last recording? I dunno, let's find out shall we and pre-order their upcoming EP from Excursions into the Abyss. Make sure to get the swirled color edition limited to 100 copies while supplies last.