zaterdag 5 september 2009

Appleseed Cast - The End of the Ring Wars 2xLP

Appleseed Cast's debut album "The End of the Ring Wars" has finally been repressed on vinyl after being out of print, hard to find and extremely expensive for many years. Their first album sees the band playing more straight-forward emo compared to their later records such as the Low Level Owl volumes, but back in the 90s this album managed to put them on the map next to legendary acts like Sunny Day Real Estate or Mineral. Actually, the vocals remind a lot of SDRE, which is a good thing right!? Right!

I have no idea when this 2xLP re-issue came out, but Deep Elm report that they only have 29 copies left in stock, so hurry up and get your hands on this classic emo record over at Deep Elm Records

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virgil zei

goodcore pressed this album; they licensed it from deep elm. The 29 copies deep elm refer to I assume are the copies they received for granting goodcore the license. We have tehm for sale at Vinyl Collective.