maandag 21 september 2009

Elder - Reflect LP

Elder is a new band featuring members of some (defunct?) Philly powerhouses such as Balboa and Towers. Their new LP "Reflect" is due any day now from Forge Again Records, and anyone into epic hardcore with a touch of screamo should definitely give this a try. I'm listening to some tracks their myspace while writing this and bands like Envy and Grade come to mind, as well as the more epic passages that could have been written by their former bands as well but which remind me most of what Battlefields does, and then there's a touch let's say Majority Rule. Hey, they have Drew from Translation Loss Records on drums! How nice!

Enough with the comparisons and name dropping already. Check out Elder is you like any of the aforementioned bands and head over to Forge Again where you can chose between a wide variety of pre-order packages. The LP is limited to "300ish copies" on yellow/black-ish vinyl and comes standard with a free CD-version. Upgrades to the package include a shirt, their debut 10", etc.

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