donderdag 24 september 2009

White Hills - Dead 12"

Thrill Jockey are now accepting pre-orders for the White Hills release entitled "Dead", featuring 3 brandnew tracks and one remix of "Oceans Of Sound" by Antronhy Oh of Julian Cope's Black Sheep Band, only available on vinyl, limited to 1000 copies and bound to sell out FAST. You say Space, I say Rock! You say Psych, I say Edelic! You say Hawk, I say Wind!

Heads up to Ben at Thrill Jockey for informing me about this EP, who had the following to say about "Dead": "...who doesn't want to hear well-crafted psychedelic swirls of feedback, bottom heavy bass riffs and soaring guitar solos that take listeners on journeys into the farthest reaches of the mind, right?"

Right! So, don't have any doubts about this one. The Tortoise remix 12" sold out in no time, and so will White Hills, so grab your mommy's credit card and order it from Thrill Jockey Oh yeah, this 12" comes in a black LP jacket with spot UV gloss varnish and a posted-on art card.

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