zaterdag 12 september 2009

Enslaved - 8xLP Wooden Boxset

Germany's Viva Hate Records have started taking pre-orders for the Enslaved Wooden Box Set last week, and the first 100 and most limited copies are already gone. Want to know what the fuss is all about? Well, this is a Wooden Box of Norwegian's cult metal act Enslaved, containing 6 long time out of print and sold out albums with alternate layout:
-Enslaved “Frost” LP
-Enslaved “Eld” 2xLP
-Enslaved “Blodhemn” LP
-Enslaved “Mardraum” LP
-Enslaved “Monumension” LP
-Enslaved “Below The Lights” LP

If that's not enough, the box also has the following extra goodies:
-A reissued demo tape version of the original demo: YGGDRASSILL
-An exclusive one sided record with rough instrumental recording of “Hal Valr”, never before released…(recorded in 1992!!!)
-An exclusive Enslaved belt buckle
-An exclusive Enslaved military cap with embroidered logo

So, in total, you get 8 out-of-print tru kult records, all pressed on thick 180g vinyl and a nifty packaging which will fit perfectly on your ikea furniture. The 2 remaining versions are either on Green vinyl (200 copies) or Tru Black vinyl (400 copies)

I've ordered from Viva Hate before, and these guys are the real deal. Deluxe packaging, fast delivery, excellent music, just look at the pictures of this box and be dazzled! Get yours for €160 from Viva Hate

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