dinsdag 1 september 2009

Carry On - It's All Our Blood LP

Time for some good old hardcore! Remember Carry On? They released the incredible "A Life Less Plagued" album on Bridge 9 Recs a few years ago, which was an absolute bomb. It was actually the first full-length album which the now prolific hardcore label released, and remains a classic amongst all fans of West Coast Hardcore (although sounding more East Coast). Carry On were a postive straight edge hardcore band with a typical 90's sound comparable to In My Eyes, whose members went on to bands such as Terror, Betrayed and Blacklisted.

As of today, September 1 - somewhere in the PM I guess - React and Youngblood Records will be taking pre-orders for their "anthology" which was previously only available on CD. This vinyl edition combines both Carry On EP’s as well as the track from the “Memories of Tomorrow” comp and an alternate version of “Pushing Forward”.
A limited, one-time-only pressing of 1500 copies, with 250 on red vinyl (REACT!), 250 on white vinyl (Youngblood). The remaining 1000 copies on black vinyl will be available from both labels, and from your neighbourhood recordstore if it doesn't sell out immediately - which it will most likely will. So, don't miss out on this piece of essential hardcore history, and get it from React or Youngblood

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