dinsdag 22 september 2009

Strike Anywhere - Iron Front LP

Richmond, Virginia's melodic hardcore outfit Strike Anywhere are back with a new album called "Iron Front". I've always had mixed feelings about Strike Anywhere. The plusses are that they're outspoken about their political views, that they have the bassist of Count Me Out in their ranks and that their songs are incredibly catchy. On the downside, they're just a bit too melodic for my taste, their vocalist hasn't washed his hair in over 10 years and when thinking of Richmond, Virginia I'm more bound to think of Avail than of Strike Anywhere, but that's beyond their powers of course.

"Iron Front" is (I think) their first for Bridge9 Records, their last album dates about 3 years back on Fat Wreck. Anyone into melodic hardcore-punk will want this, so rush over to Bridge9 and chose your favourite color: pink, green or clear vinyl.

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