vrijdag 30 oktober 2009

Yeasayer - Ambling Alp 12"

Brooklyn's Yeasayer are finally giving us some new music after their amazing "All Hour Cymbals" LP released in 2007. They describe their music as Middle Eastern-psych-snap-gospel, to me they're one of the most refreshing outfits around, along with their peers Animal Collective and Vampire Weekend. The "Ambling Alp" 12" is the first single of their upcoming "ODD BLOOD" album and includes title track as well as remixes by Memory Tapes + DJ /rupture and instrumentals.

The track itself is available as a free download, but this 12" will only set you back $8, or for $28 you the limited bundle with an exclusive t-shirt. As the vinyl version of "All Hour Cymbals" was extremely difficult to find, don't miss out on this release and order it from Yeasayer directly

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