maandag 5 oktober 2009

Nihill - Krach 2xLP

Hydrahead are taking pre-orders for the CD version of "Grond", the 2nd part of the trilogy by Nihill. They released "Krach" on CD a few weeks ago already, but still no news on the vinyl edition. So, I figured, some of you might be interested in knowing that instead of waiting on HH to release this, it might also be worth your while to order the original pressing of the "Krach" 2xLP on Holland's Monument Records (a division of Reflections Records). Nihill are an amazing project that's surrounded by a lot mystery and though supposed to come out of some bleak Norwegian forest, well... I won't spoil the fun...but they're Dutch...

All I want to say, is that the "Krach" 2xLP is still available from Monumentum, which was released about 3 years ago or so. Although limited to only 500 copies on black vinyl, copies are still available, which will change in no time once all the Hydrahead-followers catch on to this. So, beat them to it and order from Monumentum / Reflections

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