dinsdag 20 oktober 2009

Insurance Risk - Violence In Our Minds LP

Released late last month is the discography LP by Insurance Risk called "Violence In Our Minds". I rarely post about hardcore records, let alone listen to them, but I'm glad to make an exception for Norway's Insurance Risk. I'm guessing these guys are no longer active, and only released 2 7"s or so, which have now been compiled onto one LP. Why is this record any good though? Well, because Insurance Risk were the real deal: raw old-school hardcore influenced by the likes of SSD, DYS, Negative FX and other early Boston Crew bands. No frills, just angry hardcore that will make you punch the walls.

Get the red vinyl edition limited to 259 copies or the black version limited to 261 from Crucial Response and pay your respects to one of Europe's best HC bands in the genre.

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