vrijdag 30 oktober 2009

US Christmas - Eat The Low Dogs 2xLP

Definitely one of the best and most intriguing bands on the current Neurot roster is US Christmas. I'm Better Than Everyone Records are now finally releasing their "Eat The Low Dogs" on 2xLP vinyl - dammit, why didn't I think of doing this myself?! Anyway, what's so special about US Christmas? Well, they're one of a kind. You see, they're definitely tuned down enough to D to feel at home at Neurot, but are way more psychedelic than other slugde or post metal acts on the label. Instead, US Christmas grab back to the 70s, reminiscing the greats such as Hawkwind, but still "post" enough to make it comfortable for me to name them an apocalyptic doom version of Dead Meadows or the US version of Ufomammut.

The "Eat The Low Dogs" 2xLP is limited to 500 copies, of which 400 on thick black vinyl and a limited eidtion of 100 copies on blue and maroon haze vinyl with a different layout, but that will cost you more. Head over to I'm Better Than Everyone Records for more info, and you might also still want to order that EyeHateGod album - even if the limited edition is sold out.

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