vrijdag 9 oktober 2009

Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire - The Swimming Hour 2xLP

Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire third and last album "The Swimming HourAgain" is now up fore pre-order. Orginally released back in 2001, this somehow never got the vinyl treatment, and thanks to the man's current success, the album has been remastered, has been given an updated artwork and thus is now coming available on 2xLP

"The Swimming Hour" is the last album with his backing band Bowl of Fire. I honestly only know his solo-work, so I'm quite curious to find out how this sounds. Pre-order yours for $19,89 from Insound and you might as well immediately order his Anonanimal See the Enemy 7", sporting 2 reworked tracks from the "Noble Beast" album, but more importantly comes with Aaron Horkey artwork!

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