vrijdag 30 oktober 2009

Grief - ... And Man Will Become The Hunted 2xLP

Oh hell yes! Boston's influential doom metal outift, Grief who inspired many of our favourite acts out there such as Electric Wizard, Unearthly Trance, Floor and even Sunn0))), are seeing their farewell album "... And Man Will Become The Hunted" finally released on vinyl by Spain's Throne Records. They split up somewhere around 2000 and this is their last studio-album, but Southern Lord released a live album of theirs from a reunion gig somewhere around 2005.

Grief are essential listening with their take on monolithic and nihilistic doom, and I personally only own their split 7" with Corrupted on vinyl, so this one is definitely essential for my collection. Pre-order the "...And Man Will Become The Hunted" before the early December release date, and get one of the 166 handnumbered copies on semistransparent brown / grey splatter 180g vinyl, only available from Throne Records directly. Total run is 666 copies worldwide on 180g, in a deluxe gatefold with black inked paper bags. Get it now, now, now for €30 in Europe and €37 worldwide - shipping included - from Throne Recs.

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