dinsdag 13 oktober 2009

Brightblack Morning Light / Lungfish -Split 7"

Last post of the day, but one I'm nonethless pretty excited about. I stumbled upon this little gem by accident, and the reason why I'm so excited is that this is the first time I've seen a new Lungfish release in years. Oh wait, dammit, it's a track from their last studio-album "Feral Hymns" on Dischord. Dam Mit.

The Brightblack Morning Light better be new then? Well, it's a live recording from a live performance in 2008 from their "Another Reclaimation" song. Not too big on live recordings either. Dam Mit.

But! This is an Anti-War release. The 7" is limited to 500 copies. It comes on red/clear vinyl. And both bands are great, so it's nice to see them share some vinyl, so order yours from Harvest Records

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