vrijdag 16 oktober 2009

Apse - Climb Up 2xLP

I told you guys about the teaser 7" a while ago, and now orders are popping up for the full-length 2xLP by Apse called "Climb Up". I'm pretty excited about this album, because Apse have always tried to be innovative and seem to reinvent themselves on each release, whilst holding on to their own personality. Always labelled "post-rock", but they have very little in common with the usual suspects like Mogwai or EITS. In fact Apse are pretty hard to pigeonhole, so check out 4 new tracks on their myspace and maybe you might agree with me when I say that their sound reminds of Sigur Ros, Faust, a mellow Arcade Fire or even Radiohead.

"Climb Up" will be a perfect companion for the gloom fall, and will keep you warm in times of need. I'm getting my 2xLP fix over at Norman Records. Their last release sold out pretty fast, so don't sit on it.

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