dinsdag 13 oktober 2009

Chuck Ragan - Live from Rock Island: The Daytrotter Sessions 10"

Vinyl Collective have a pre-order up yet another record by Hot Water Music's Chuck Ragan. This is a 10" featuring the Daytrotter sessions from earlier this summer (ah, remember the summer?) that Mr Ragan recorded. The pressing for this 10" is an edition of 2,000 (1,000 on black, 500 on white, and 500 yellow), the ones available from Vinyl Collective are the white version. Upon pre-ordering, you might win a test-pressing as well. Or might not.

I'm not too excited about this really, and am more than happy with the "Gold Country" LP, but it's only $7,99 and Vinyl Collective have tons more fun records you can order and thus save on shipping.

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