maandag 5 oktober 2009

Sunn O))) - Monoliths & Dimensions 2xLP

Sorry for the lack of updates, get used to it in the weekends. I'm sure those of you care at all will know this already, but for the sake of reminding myself to purchase this album today: here's the longawaited vinyl edition of "Monoliths & Dimensions" by Sunn 0))). Besides their White1 album which I unfortunately don't have, all the rest of their records in my collection look outstanding. Southern Lord definitely take pride in deliviring quality vinyl products, and it seems no different for the 2xLP version of "Monoliths & Dimensions": besides the 180g black vinyl, the album jacket is, and I quote "a heavy-weight cardboard "tip-on" style that contains two printed inner-sleeves and a fold out "poster" with the lyrics and album credits. This jacket is then encased by a printed velum dust jacket that resembles a dust jacket you would find on a hardcover book. This is then inserted in a poly-bag." Sounds all killer no filler!

There are 2 options available. Either you get just the 2XLP for $25, or you can treat yourself and spend $45 and get a bag full of useless but nonetheless cool Sunn 0))) goodies. Shipping starts October 9th.

I myself am pre-ordering the regular 2xLP from Southern Lord and I'm hanging on to the extra $20 that I'm saving now, to hopefully spend on a special European version of this record when they pass through Brussels in a week or 2. I'll keep you posted if they have any special Euro LPs with them.

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