donderdag 5 november 2009

Trash Talk - Shame LP

Lack of updates, you know the drill by now: work... Gotta pay the bills for all these records... Anyway, today I have two releases for you that despite work, I simply have to mention. First up is a new LP by Trash Talk. These guys are one of the few hardcore acts out there that I still follow, because they simply do it well. Trash Talk have the hyperkinetic energy that's not uncommon for hardcore, but at the same time they incorporate elements of spun out doom, blast beats, sludgy mosh parts and what not. Plus, their last album was produced by Albini, that says enough that they're not just any snotty hardcore band.

The 'Shame' 12" that they have up for pre-order is an Anthology of sort, featuring 30 tracks from their Walking Disease, Plagues, S/T, and East of Eden releases and includes album footnotes, a full size poster and tons of extras. Very limited vinyl pressing on 180g vinyl, pre-order your copy from the band directly.

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Anoniem zei

I preorderd and paid the Lp in september 2009.
They made a big pre order sensation. Now at the end of march 2010 lotsa people ask themself and the band when it will come finally to life. The Trash Talk collective takes all the preorder money and refuse to answer all the questions. The band is on a long-lasting tour until the end of may, so I guess if it will be released at all, this will not happen until June. With a little `luck´ we can party at the pre order anniversary celebration.
Still available for pre order since september 2009, must be VERY limited... ;-)
This lp is a `shame´ indeed!