maandag 19 oktober 2009

Thou / Salome - Split LP

Thou shall not kill...easy for now. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife...tough One. Thou shall not purchase this record...a damn shame. Because what we have here, is two of the Greats pressed onto one piece of vinyl to worshop the power of the Riff. Thou and Salome teaming up is definitely one of the best split albums of the year (on paper, haven't heard a single note of it, but who cares), and will hopefully deliver some amazing sludgy doom metal to get us through the winter.

The Thou/Salome split LP is limited to 1000 copies, 900 on black vinyl, 100 on red vinyl reserved for pre-orders, so make sure that's you. Or, you could whine and complain about the euro-dollar currency, the steep shipping and whatnot ofcourse. I for one applaud the times that the cool releases come from this side of the pond, because normally it's us Euros who have to import everything. There! International customers have to pay...€17,00 shipping included. Not too bad I guess.

Pre-order this Split LP from Vendetta and while you're at it, they'll throw in the Salome 's/t' LP for a nice discount price, and you might also want to pre-order another upcoming split LP by Omega Massif and Mount Logan.

2 opmerkingen:

Gregory zei

u.s. distros getting any?

Broadcloak zei

Gilead will be doing a trade with Vendetta for a huge batch of these, along with the Euro version of the Thou/Leech split!