vrijdag 16 oktober 2009

Rumble Mumble Jumble

- From Ashes Rise are back from the ashes! Makes me happy.
- Small Brown Bike are riding their bikes again. Makes me happy.
- I hear something about a Casket Lottery discography 2xLP? Does Second Nature still exist?
- Will Haven have their original singer back. Couldn't. Care. Less. But nice for them.
- Insound are already taking pre-orders for the new Vampire Weekend LP. A bit too early for my tastebuds, but you have the address.
- There are less than 50 tickets left for the Amenra showcase in Kortrijk, Belgium next week. Hurry up and order now
- The Pixies concert of "Doolittle" was pretty amazing. The LP reissues are still and will always be too expensive. My girlfriend mixes Frank Black with Jack Black.
- I saw some shitty flyer for a repress version of the "Eternal Jihad" LP by Day Of Suffering on xCatalystx. Does anybody know if those straight-edge warriors actually released this?
- Listen to the last Bon Iver show for a while here
- Beck is going to tackle the Leonard Cohen legacy with help from Devendra Banhart and MGMT, sounds promising.
- I like pictures. This one served as inspiration for Chris Walla and J. Robbins.

- The new Death Cab For Cutie song doesn't do it for me. It's for some movie.
- In movie news, 3 parts of Arcade Fire have composed the score for that upcoming The Box movie. Someone in the world will die.
- I'll also go see "Where The Wild Things Are". But not for the score. Karon O Can Suck It. Why else would they use an Arcade Fire track for the trailer?
- Keelhaul will be touring Europe with Isis and Circle. Be excited.
- Isis will have the new Live V LP for sale on tour by the way.
- I like Tool. I detest Puscifer. Just so you know.
- Two new Integrity songs are available off their upcoming Deathwish album. Holy Terror on Myspace
- Jason Molina and Will Johnson are "The Phantoms Of Folk". Album due November 3. Expect me posting some rave blog about this soon.
- Pelican are getting their own burger of beef, scallops and lardons. No bird meat will be used.
- I'm wondering if this weekend I'll finally take the time to discover Mammifer. It seems I might want to like them.
- The Iceburn Collective LP version of "The Power of the Lion" might just be the coolest piece of artwork I've held in my hands in weeks. So nice.
- If I would live in NYC, I'd go to the VICE Helloween party with Bad Brains and The Jesus Lizard. But I don't.
- Don't attempt washing gonnorhea-stained underwear. Best to throw it away. Trust me on this one.
- Hex Vinyl is on Twitter now. I don't quite get it yet, but tweet me or whatever they call it over there. It feels evil though.
- With the recent announcement of a special Racounteurs LP and random White Stripes 7" I'm considering paying that Vault thing over at Third Man Records. Has anyone subscribed yet?
- Because I absolutely adore Split Lip and Chamberlain, I figured the David Moore solo-album would equally satisfy me. I was wrong.
- RIP Dickie Peterson of Blue Cheer, the spirit of your riffs will love on for eternity.
- I'm sincerely hoping to piss off the US readers (aka most of you) by picking up some über-limited-tour-only-sold-out-before-it-was-pressed Sunn0))) vinyl after their show in Brussels next week.
- The weekend is coming up, which will affect the number of posts, because I'll be "busy". Enjoying it.

3 opmerkingen:

Motorradfahrer zei

Thanks for this blog. I enjoy being made aware of upcoming vinyl and being exposed to new music.
Don't Twitter! Twitter is the epitome of all that is wrong with society.
Yes, I'm jealous that you're getting the Sunn vinyl. What is it?

Krumbled Kookie zei

Man, my wife is gonna kill me for finding this blog, via the HammerSmashedJazz blog... deep trouble for my wallet.

Thanks, though.

And def. check out Mamiffer. Really awesome.

GM zei

Thanks a lot. I'm done with that twitter stuff, you're right about that, it's evil. And unlucky me, they didn't have any tour vinyl with them, but I did finally get to pick up the new 2xLP which looks and feels amazing. But also very fragile, I'm scared of taking it out of its shrinkwrap...

Mr Kookie...my girl doesn't know I do this blog, it's much better that way, haha