woensdag 7 oktober 2009

Saviours - Accelerated Living 2xLP

At first I didn't get this band. I probably still don't because the clue has not found me yet, but after seeing them twice doing their thing on stage, I found them so entertaining it's hard not to like them. You see, I didn't get Saviours because they had Yaphet Kotto members but sounded nothing, and I mean nothing at all, like that. Then, I always saw their name dropped in the same sentence as The Sword and Kylesa, two bands that just don't do it for me. Plus, I wasn't sure if this was "hipster-metal" or "gimmick-metal" or whatnot, but I was actually just confusing them with Genghis Tron (don't even know why). But, here we have it, the ugly truth is, I like me some Saviours!

"Accelerated Living" is the newest (3rd? 4th?) studio-album by this Oakland, CA outfit, and promises to be a blast. Saviours play metal. Their metal is classic, yet stonerish. They have as much in common with Thin Lizzy as with Motörhead. Their love for the power reminds of High On Fire, their love for the beer reminds of, well, Motörhead.

Saviour's new gatefold 2xLP "Accelerated Living" contains all the tracks from their recent 7"s (minus the covers), as well as 5 new tracks. Pre-orders are now up from Kemado

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