vrijdag 9 oktober 2009

Jonsi & Alex - Riceboy Sleeps 2xLP

"Riceboy Sleeps" is a collaboration album between Jon Por Birgisson aka Jonsi (Sigur Ros singer) and his boyfriend Alex Somers. Yeah, Jonsi, he's blind in one eye, he's vegetarian and gay, and next to all that he still finds the time to not only front one of Europe's most creative outfits, but to also release this album with his man Alex (who does most of the Sigur Ros artwork). You've heard a track by Jonsi & Alex before on the "Dark Was The Night" compilation, and that track "Happiness" sets the tone for an album of angelic harmonies and random fairy tales.

"Riceboy Sleeps" came out early July, but I didn't see it in the shelves until this weekend, so I figured neither did you. The 2xLP comes in a matte gatefold sleeve with round corners, and the Rough Trade version comes with an exclusive mix CD, featuring some of the tracks that inspired them while writing "Riceboy Sleeps.

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